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If pictures are worth 1000 words, could they also be worth $10, $100 or even $1000? With Pinterest, a beautiful image is not only a girl’s (or guy’s) best friend, it’s also the bait you need to get more visitors to your site and more clients for your company.
Here’s how you can (and should) use Pinterest to get more clients who want to purchase your products and services.
Use Place Pins to Tag your Location
A Place Pin is like having free advertising for your business, especially if its brick and mortar, but even if you’re virtual, people like to know who they are dealing with and where they’re located.
These pins contain contact info like your phone number and address. So not only will your followers be able to re-pin your awesome photos, but they’ll also be able to share your location with their friends who view those pins.
Check out this great article on Pinterest Place pins from Social Media Examiner
Setup Your Boards for Optimum Viewing
Just having a Pinterest account is not EVEN enough, you really do have to work it. The biggest part of “the work” starts in the set up. Create boards that relate to you and to your business. Figure out which topics your clients and future clients are interested in and then expand on those topics. Be sure to create at least 5 pins for each board so it doesn’t look abandoned or empty.
Make sure to fill in the description for each pin, which is how your pins show up in the searches.
Search for and Join Group Boards
A group board is just like a regular Pinterest board, but the big difference is that several people contribute pins to the board. It’s like having your own little networking community. The good and the bad is the “group effort.” You have to be careful about which ones you join because the board actually appears on your account, so if there are pins on there that you don’t agree with or don’t represent your brand, too bad. But the good part is also that the board appears on each of the group participants’ boards, can you say exposure?
Use group boards to collaborate, plan, promote, network and create the perception of authority, in your future client’s eyes.
Share and Comment
Pinterest is all about sharing; over 80% of the pins are RE-Pins. Your Pinterest marketing strategy has to include re-pinning or sharing other’s info on your boards. And now you can even suggest or send pins to your friends and followers.
Other ways of sharing:

  1. Contribute to others’ boards (see group boards above)
  2. Go to the “Popular Pins” section and comment on the ones that are relevant to you
  3. Follow other pinners, including the popular ones, if they interest you
  4. Promote your individual boards on your other social media platforms
  5. Put the pinboard widget or Pin It button on your website
  6. Mention others in the description of your pins and/or in your comments

Brand, Brand, Brand
As you are sharing and commenting, don’t forget about your branding. It’s easy to get lost in Pinterest and forget that one of the main reasons you’re there is to get more clients. Remember that each time one of your photos and related information is shared, it represents a chance for you to gain a client, but that may not happen if they don’t see your shiny, awesome logo plastered on that cute photo of you and your product or service. So just before you upload your original images that are going to drive people back to your site, make sure you brand them with your logo, at a minimum.
Amy Porterfield created a great break down of how to brand your Pinterest pins

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