Discover how to create UN-Marketing opportunities that NEXT-LEVEL your business, (even in times of uncertainty, even if you’re starting from scratch) from experts and business leaders who’ve done it already.

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So, why is it MORE IMPORTANT than EVER before that YOU focus on taking your business to the next level now?

Covid-19 is changing and has changed the way we live and work.

This crisis will end.

But will You be ready?

Will you be equipped with the knowledge you need to succeed?

Imagine a year from now making real progress toward your goals, having the confidence to make decisions, and moving forward, with your business while it funds the life you’ve always dreamed you could have.

You’re feeling powerful and accomplished, you radiate positivity, and you’re taking action.

No more wishing or hoping but actually doing.

It’s time to invest in YOU and watch your business grow to new heights.

The world is weird right now.

If you aren’t scrounging for basic necessities, you’re calculating the distance between you and the person in front and behind you.

All while visions of working from your home office dances in your head.

Everyone is at some level of apprehension regarding the future AND the present.

Those who live through all of this will forever refer to their lives as BEFORE Covid-19 and AFTER Covid-19.

That sentiment doesn’t have to be bad or disparaging. It CAN be awesome and invigorating and the start of something beautiful and everlasting for you and for your family.

God gave me this “spiritual download,” as I like to call them, to bring entrepreneurs who are experts in their field of genius together on one platform to encourage, enlighten, and equip you to catapult your business to the level of success you deserve.




Watch as these experts show you HOW to embrace the technology needed to pivot your business from “doing ok” to KRUSHING the competition.

It’s difficult to get 3 experts together at one time, in one place to share their knowledge and expertise.

So, I consider this a total God-inspired win to bring together these hand-selected, 15 experts, including myself, to take time out of their extremely busy day to share these nuggets with you.

These 15 experts, gurus, influencers, and leaders aren’t new to the game of business success.

They’re seasoned, experienced, went through the fire, failed, and then got back up and onto the success road. Plus, they’re ready to give-back to thriving entrepreneurs like YOU!

I’m sure you’ve seen hundreds of invites to online meetings and conferences by others who are trying to make the best of a crazy situation.

That’s NOT this summit!

I’m Carol J. Dunlop, the Online WOW! Strategist and 2X Amazon Best-Selling Author. I’ve created, managed, and run online summits since 2013.

The expert speakers in this summit have been in business helping and teaching others an average of 11 years per speaker.

That’s a lot of time to be an entrepreneur, to pivot from almost losing out to outstanding, to go from “just OK” to NEXT LEVEL.

I hand-picked these expert speakers because they’ve been where you are and will provide you with the tools you must-have to break through the “stuck-ness.” They’re sharing what works, not theory. That means you are getting the REAL DEAL and can implement what you learn to start getting results immediately instead of later.

They’ll share their stories of how they did what they did to get where they are.

Meet Your Host for the Summit

Carol J. Dunlop has twenty-six years of entrepreneurial experience.  She is an Amazon #1 International Best-selling author of UN-Market Your Business. She is also author of the Best-seller, 90-Day Gratitude Journal for Your Business. She teaches entrepreneurs to convert marketing into money using their website as their hub and leveraging technology.


Amani Channel
ABC's of Video Marketing
Bonnie Daneker
Don't be a Digital Turn-off
Cal and Renee Coakley
Cal & Renee Coakley
Objection Handling: The Key To Closing More Sales
Carol J. Dunlop
Automate Your Marketing to Make Money While You're Sleeping

I Know You're Busy!
All sessions are recorded for your convenience and
ready for you to view immediately.

Dr. Tianna Conte
Self-care for the Enlightened Entrepreneur
Alicia Couri
Boost Your Business by Building a Personal Brand
Esther Shelley
How to Design or Re-Design Your Client Faucet with ONE Amazing Hack
Ghada Vanderpool
Funnels for Coaches

It's all virtual! Watch all the sessions from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you have internet access!

Lindsay Murray Peragine
How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business
Lisa Williams
RESET: The 3 V's that are Required Right Now for Your Business to Win!
Dr. Lougenia J. Rucker
Dominate with Digital Ministries
Markeith Braden
Podcast Your Brand

15 Sesions PLUS 15 After Show Sessions: 30 in all!

Nadine Mullings
2 Powerful Ways to Plan Your Marketing with God
Precious S. Brown
How to Use Your Book to Build Your Business
Sherri-Lee Woycik
4 Steps to Create a Client-Attracting Facebook Page




I’m committed to helping you achieve business success!

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And because I KNOW you love to get the inside scoop, I have something really special for the ALL-Access Pass holders.

After each interview, I asked each speaker if they would dig a little deeper and answer just 3 questions. Each of these questions gives you insight into how the speakers kept going when they didn’t think they could and what their biggest mistake was that they had to fix or risk failure.

This is all available to you to listen to, watch, and learn from whenever you want and from wherever you are.

The additional sessions are only available to All-Access Pass Holders.

Propel your business forward. Next-level your results with clear, actionable insights, and answers to the questions you’re struggling with right now.

No Fluff. No Gimmicks. No Bull.  — just proven strategies that work from entrepreneurs who’ve been where you are and now succeeding where you will also.

  • Design marketing processes that make money while you sleep
  • Discover the secret to make more by selling more, without feeling sleazy
  • Incorporate your Faith into planning your marketing
  • Use social media to create a buying frenzy
  • Market your ministry with God at the forefront
  • Create the content your audience can’t wait to consume
  • Keep it local or take it international, both ways mark success for you
  • Build your business confidence with video

Yes, the world is weird and wonderful at the same time.

We’re going through self-isolation, sheltering at home, social distancing, and mandatory school and business closings, but STILL we RISE. STILL we Succeed! STILL we Continue forward.

No one could have predicted any of this, yet here we are, moving forward with determination.

ONE Session with ONE of these experts, in person or virtually,
can run you OVER $200! You're getting 30 sessions for a fraction of that price!​

It's all virtual! Watch all the sessions from the comfort of your own home,
or anywhere you have internet access!

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