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Alvin and Carol Dunlop - Founders of CSI

Alvin and Carol Dunlop, Founders

Join over 2k Purpose-Driven Coaches, just like you, who get their weekly dose of insider info, tips, tricks & hacks that catapult your website to the next level.

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Discover how to convert marketing into money in your bank account.

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books published by csi

UN-Market Your Business

This book is filled with marketing strategies savvy entrepreneurs have been waiting for.

90 Day Planner for the UN-Intentional Entrepreneur

This planner guides you expertly through the steps it takes to no longer work for others.

90 Day Gratitude Journal for Your Business

Guiding you each day to reflect and appreciate all the goodness your business brings forth.

90 Ways to Age Vibrantly

This guided journal and devotional is full of longevity tips that will transform your life!

Alvin and Carol Dunlop - Founders of CSI

Our Story . . .

We believe that life is here for you to live and have fun while doing it!

We also believe that one of the best ways to enjoy life to the fullest and to truly experience the freedom God has given us is to be an entrepreneur.

Through our results-driven website designs, marketing strategies, and marketing coaching programs, we teach Brilliant Creators (coaches, services providers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners) just like you; how to convert your marketing dollars into money in the bank and clients on the books.

We know HOW to use technology to get the results we want. Our super power is teaching YOU how to do what we do, with ease, grace, and strategic expertise.

We know that the best way for you to achieve the life you want is to create the successful business you know you deserve.

The best way to do that is to be visible to the people who are ready to work with you. We show you AND teach you how!