4 Secrets to Become a Client Magnet

Discover how you can attract clients to your business by using trending topics as part of your marketing strategy.

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Are you a client magnet? You will be after you read this post. Learn how in this series of marketing techniques that shows you how to use trending topics to become part of the converstaion.
Welcome to week 3 of our 4-week series on how to follow the trends all the way to the bank. If you missed weeks 1 or 2, you can access them here:

Remember when you first learned about magnets? In grade school, my classmates and I would entertain ourselves for long periods of time watching the magnets repel each other and move away magically, it seemed. Then we’d turn the ends around and watch them attract other magnets, pins, paper clips, tacks, just about anything. What fun!
Just as those magnets attracted items, you can attract clients to your business by using trending topics as part of your marketing strategy.
But to do it successfully and avoid repelling clients instead of attracting them, you’ll need to incorporate and closely adhere to these 4 secrets for your success.

  1. Pay Attention

Achieving success with following a trending topic depends on what you talk about and when you talk about it. Trending topics have a shelf life; miss the mark and your content will be considered late, old, or out of sync, and you will be considered out of touch.
You will need to set up trend monitoring stations that keep you in the know about what’s happening with the latest trends. Setting up these stations is as easy as making time to look at your social media accounts and creating alerts based on keywords you want to be known for.

  1. Be Prepared

Certain events happen on a regular, scheduled basis: i.e.:  Christmas, New Years, even the Super Bowl. This is important because you can be prepared to jump on trending stories as they happen. I’m sure you remember the Olympics; every commercial, article, news story, and post on any media outlet contained a reference to Olympics. Follow the Big Brands’ lead and prep for those events by “staging” your content including posts, graphics, and articles to come out along with these trending topics and get you and your business in the conversation.

  1. Make The Right Choice

As I mentioned last week, every story or topic isn’t right for newsjacking. Furthermore, every story or topic isn’t the right fit for your organization to be part of either.
Just because you see a hashtag, story, or topic that is lighting up your newsfeed, it doesn’t mean that its right for your business or brand to jump on.

DiGiorno found out the hard way that adding their content to the popular hashtag #whyistayed. This was a huge mistake. DiGiorno was talking about pizza but the hashtag was referencing women who shared their story about their experience with domestic violence. A little research would have gone a long way in choosing to jump on this trend, or not.

  1. Be Authentic

Being authentic and true to who you are and what you do are paramount to your success in taking advantage of trending topics.
The stories are already out there, you need to decide if adding to the story is in alignment with who you truly are, what your audience expects from you, and what your ultimate strategy is.
If you’re Non-GMO, (non-genetically modified organisms. GMOs (genetically modifiedorganisms), are novel organisms created in a laboratory using genetic modification/engineering techniques. Scientists and consumer and environmental groups have cited many health and environmental risks with foods containingGMOs.), you can’t jump on a story that promotes companies or issues that green light GMO containing products.
That’s being fake. And your audience will turn on your and leave you and your company or brand in the dust.
Use these four strategies as a template for your success with marketing using trending topics and you will be successful.
The How-To-Tutorials show you step-by-step how to find the trends that are the right fit for your business and then explain how to jump on them and ride them all the way to the bank.
Check back for the video that details how to make the right choices and win big with trending topics.
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