5 Strategies to Keep Your Social Media Marketing on Track

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There is so much focus on businesses to not only be ON social media but to also participate. However, being ON and participating IN social media can be totally different and if allowed to, can cause you to tear out every string of hair on your head, trust me, I know!

Not only am I responsible for my own company’s social media presence, but I’m also in charge of quite a few clients’ accounts. I remember when I told people that “I don’t post for clients,” I only create the accounts. Well, that lasted for about a minute, because simply creating the accounts for them wasn’t enough. In order to be effective, social media accounts need to be nurtured like any other part of your business. So in order to teach these business owners how important posting, sharing and commenting were, I actually had to do it for them. One client led to another, then another, so now I’m a “Content Creator” for several of my clients.

A Call for Balance

But guess what happened while I was doing all that posting for clients? My own accounts were totally neglected, which was most certainly an issue that I had to deal with and overcome. How can you advertise being a social media maven when your own social media empire is gathering dust? Arrrrrgh!

I knew there had to be a solution and I’ve found it! I figured out 5 strategies to help me stay on top of my clients’ accounts while not leaving my own business in the dust. This system has started to work for me and it is a good place for you to start also.

5 Strategies to Put in Place Today

1. Figure Out Your Main Hangouts

There are so many platforms for being “social,” some are better than others and some are just better known. The catch is that just because its popular, has millions or even billions of users doesn’t mean it’s right for you. For me, I love Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. They are all different, with different audiences, styles and energies. I’ll give you my take on each and how I use them.

  • Twitter and Facebook: I use them interchangeably. My posts mirror each other on each platform, but I do go into each one at different times and create some longer posts for Facebook and share article links on Twitter along with commenting on other’s posts. I do this to connect with followers on a more personal level and generally ask or answer questions.
  • Google Plus: I use the Google Plus “Page” feature more than anything. It’s similar to Facebook, but easier to add, delete and share information, along with creating circles and adding members.
  • LinkedIn: Totally business connection-oriented. I connect and see who’s connected. I also share articles in a couple groups and facilitate discussions.
  • Pinterest: This is the place for pictures and not just any pictures, I’m talking about pictures that are part of your blog posts and lead users back to your blog (YES! You do need a blog – but that is a whole other post). Anyway those pictures that you pot on Pinterest have to be eye-catching and totally FABulous so that people will actually click on them, rePIN them and follow through to get to your blog.

2. Follow/Friend, Share and Post

This is the part where you actually have to work. Take 10 minutes per social media platform per day to do these 4 activities 5 times per platform. In other words:

  • Friend/Follow 5 people
  • Comment on 5 posts
  • Share 5 posts
  • Post 5 things
  • On each site

Do this EVERYDAY and you will see your social media presence start to grow pretty quickly.

3. Share Your Hard Work

You have to let people know what you’re up to so they’ll be interested in learning more and seeing/reading/hearing more. Don’t let all that posting and sharing go to waste, tell others on other networks that you’re also on other networks. Let the Tweeters know you’re on Facebook and the Facebookers know about Google Plus and so on. It’s not bragging, let’s just say your’re letting people know how to get more of what you’re putting out there. Remember, each audience is unique and just like you have favorite networks, others do too.

4. Make Yourself Pinnable, Friendable and Shareable

Ask your audience to share your content with their friends and followers. Remember that verse in the Bible that says you don’t have because you don’t ask? I’m just saying…

You’ll also want to make sure that your website and blog have shareable social media buttons in plain sight making it simple for your readers to see, click and share.

5. Get On Schedule

I know that you know how successful marketing doesn’t just “happen,” well neither does becoming successful on social media platforms. Yes, some will be more active than others, but if you don’t try, you’ll never know what works and what doesn’t.

Hubspot has a great, social media publishing template that you can use to set up a schedule of what to post when and where. Is it hard work? Yes! Does it require commitment and dedication? Of course!

But in the end, what great things aren’t worth working hard for? Can’t think of one thing right now.

I hope these strategies hit a note with you and you can now see how to put your social media plan into action. I am my own best teacher! So, I’m taking my own advice and putting it into immediate action. Let’s do it together.



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