Creative Services International, Inc. is comprised of experts who have worked in the information technology, print and online/web industries for a combined total of over 40 years. CSI’s founders have a proven track record in designing, implementing and integrating cost-effective, technical, computer network, web and print solutions to meet the challenging needs of today’s businesses.

Our mission of is to excel in the field of consulting services by dedicating our company to establishing partnerships with our clients in order to continually provide customized platforms relating to computers, networks and web and graphic design services.

The company is privately owned and operated by Alvin and Carol Dunlop, both of whom bring to the table an in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing computer, web and print industries. The list of services includes: website creation, system analysis, and network renovation.

We are committed to doing whatever it takes to make our clients happy and we guarantee satisfaction with our services. 

Alvin Dunlop

Chief Architect

Chief Operating Architect and founder of CSI, Alvin Dunlop, was born on the beautiful island of St. Thomas, in the United States Virgin Islands. He attended Carroll College in Wisconsin and continued his education at Control Data Institute, in Atlanta, Georgia. As a technology consultant, Alvin has been involved with a wide variety of technologies and industries.

He brings to the table his knowledge on how to make the client feel satisfied beyond their expectations with the outcome of his work as he utilizes his vast experience to customize the services for each client’s particular requirements. He does this by analyzing the problem and then recommending the proper solutions for both software and hardware components. Possessing a solutions-oriented focus, Alvin uses innovative approaches to solving computer-related issues. In turn, he brings to the table an insider’s knowledge of the ever-changing computer and technology industry.

Possessing over twenty years of experience in the computer and technology industry, Alvin assists his clients with information technology strategies, including evaluation, procurement, installation and training. He has demonstrated success in providing technical support, troubleshooting, testing and coding software. He has expertise in servers, networks, and software applications for PCs.

Clients have included: large corporations, owner-managed companies, small manufacturers, service businesses, property management and construction, retailers and distributors, and professionals such as lawyers, doctors, dentists, chiropractors and accountants.

Some of the prestigious companies that have used his expertise include: Utilipro, Inc., The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), EDS, Alliance Data Systems, Georgia Power, Georgia Natural Gas (GNG), Gwinnett County and the Children Services Network of Georgia.

Carol Dunlop

VP Marketing and Communications

Chief Content Officer, Carol Dunlop, is an accomplished Art Director, Production Manager, Illustrator, Graphic Artist, Web Designer and Web Master who has worked professionally since 1986. She attended Moore College of Art in Philadelphia and the Art Institute of Atlanta, in Atlanta. She has managed the production of Consumer Technology, iTechSouth, Alaska Netology and Atlanta Computer Currents magazines.

With 20 plus years in computerized typesetting, design and layout became second nature to her; ultimately this led to a career in Web Design. Carol mastered the basics of the print industry long before computers became a viable tool for visual communication professionals. Carol has worked with nearly every Web technology including XML, HTML, PHP, Perl, and Java. Using all tools available for creating visual displays, including pen and paper as well as software programs such as PhotoShop, Illustrator and DreamWeaver.

Carol is able to take a simple thumbnail sketch and integrate it into the creative project the client envisioned, be it marketing materials, brochures or websites.

She is among the elite in her field and her clients are assured that she has the experience and skills to deliver their creative projects on time and within budget.


To learn more about Carol, click this link.


Fun facts:
Carol is a former Bodybuilder, Fitness and CrossFit competitor
She has 2 grown children and 5 grandchildren
She and her husband have been married and partners in business for 23 years
Her podcast UN-Market Your Business airs weekly on Thursdays at 1:pm EST. You can tune in by going to

In the Media:

The Red Room TV Show:

Guests on the segment, “Conquering the Digital Divide”, Part I & II. Host Tonya Grady interviews CSI’s architects on the status of the “Digital Divide”, which examines internet and computer access among different socioeconomic members of society.

Fantasy Magazine:

Feature Article, “Marriage and Business, Keeping the Flame Alive”

Owners of Creative Services International prove that they can be “Successful in Marriage and Business”

Dunlop, manage to keep things together.



The Spring 2005 issue of “Fantasy Magazine”, produced by Bronner Brothers features an article that showcases several Atlanta-area couples who have managed to keep their marriages on track while running a successful business.  Read how Alvin and Carol Dunlop, manage to keep things together.

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