Tell Me. . .

When was the last time you were honest with yourself about what you really want?

What image are you showing the world about where you are in your business?

From Your Brand?

From Your Business?

From Your Website?

How would it feel to match what you envision in your head of how your website, brand, and business should look with the reality of a website that showcases who you really are and what your business is truly about?

Carol J. Dunlop Co-Owner CSI, Inc

To move away from the safety of stuck and infuse your awesomeness into the very fibers of your business so your ideal clients are drawn to you, fall in love with you, and buy from you?

Define Your Difference and . . .

Showcase your Secret Sauce: 

  • What you do?
  • Who you are?
  • How you work?

Get found by your unique, perfect audience who get you right away?

Great! Let’s do this!

If it feels impossible to convert all that your remarkable, brilliant business represents into an authentic, beautiful website that’s irresistible to potential clients—we need to chat.

If you’ve found that your vision hasn’t been easy to articulate and confusion has set in when you’ve attempted to explain what’s rolling around in your head that you’d like to see materialize online, you’ve come to the right place.

If this sounds like you, read on. . .

I'm Carol J. Dunlop

Co-owner CSI, Inc

My super power involves listening and figuring out what you need, then creating a suite of customized services based on what you’ve shared with me. I love taking on seemingly overwhelming projects for my clients and strategically creating online success—more traffic, more visibility, and more clients. I know the right tools, platforms, tips, tricks, and hacks to ensure Your Online Irresistibly.

Here’s the thing: savvy entrepreneurs, coaches, business owners, and consultants like yourself think about websites the wrong way.

Your website showcases why you are the right choice for your unique, perfect audience. It creates a memorable experience that keeps them coming back.

Your website conveys the feeling to your ideal prospects/clients that they are being welcomed as long-lost friends who’ve finally come home. It’s comforting. It’s easy. It’s awesome.

Tell Me. . .

When someone asks for your web address have you replied, “It really doesn’t showcase who I am or what I’m doing now.” or “It’s under construction?”

Those words drive home the fact that you’re leaving money and opportunity on the table. And that your audience has no way of knowing the immense value you bring to them.

That STOPS Now!


When our work together is complete, you’ll walk away with an awesome online strategy that centers around your website and truly presents you, your business, and your brand and positions you as the unique solution your audience has been searching for.

What’s different about working with CSI is that we don’t simply build a website for you. We work with you to create your Online Irresistibility. And while crafting the complete vision only takes a few weeks, we don’t stop when your website is complete. We continue to support you through ongoing coaching, strategic implementation, and maintenance as you grow your business.

We’re all about Team Y.O.U.

You Are totally awesome and it’s time the world knew it too.

If you’re ready to find out if we’re a great fit, request your Online WOW! Assessment. We’ll look at your entire online presence, including your website and your social media presence to see where you are missing out on clients, opportunity, and money, and discuss what you can do to stop that right away.

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