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Blog Promotion Tips: How to Get More Traffic

Just like you have to market your business, you must market your blog, if you want more traffic.

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If I read 10 articles that talk about blogs and blogging, over half will talk about traffic. Why? Because its why you blog . . . to get traffic. Well, that’s not the only reason, but it’s one of the main reasons entrepreneurs start a blog in the first place, to get traffic to their website. It makes sense because the search engines love new and relevant information and blogs provide that because they are updated regularly, or should be. In this article, I’ll share some blog promotion tips that will aid you in getting more traffic to your site.

I bet you’ve heard that the first thing you need to do to get traffic is to write great content.

Here’s the thing, it’s not enough to write great content, you have to promote the content! Just like you have to market your business, you must market your blog, as well as each and every article you write. Once you achieve critical mass and have lots of followers and commenters, you STILL have to market your blog.

The minute you stop marketing, the traffic stops as well.

Follow these blog promotion tips that put all eyes on your blog and bring in traffic that converts to buyers.


Make your blog easy for search engines to find

3.5 Billion people search the internet every day to find a solution to their problem. When you position your content to be found, you can help the search engines find you so they can direct traffic your way.

  1. Use your main keyword in the title
  2. Use your keyword as the post’s URL. Example:
  3. Include your keyword in the first 100 words of the first paragraph
  4. Link back to the article from other popular posts
  5. Use Ubersuggest to create and select keywords that get between 1k and 10k monthly searches

Post your blog in front of the right people

Let’s face it, not everyone wants or needs what you offer. However, for the audience that is actually looking for you, your blog is a godsend. Post your article and target your audience all at once by using the exact words they’re using in their searches.

Use the platforms’ built-in search functions to find the keywords that people are actually using in their searches and then put your information directly in front of the audience who will take action. Use the pic from Pinterest search.

Here’s an example from Pinterest.

Solve problems with your blog

It goes without saying that you need to write great content, but your content must also serve a purpose. That purpose is to solve the problem that your target audience has. They are searching for a solution right now. Go to AllTop, Quora, and Yahoo Answers to see what your audience is looking for and craft content that gives them the answers they are seeking.

Make a note of the questions and once you complete your blog, go back to the platform(s), answer the question and then include a link back to your blog for further reading.

By following these simple tips each and every time you post a blog, you’ll start to see more and more traffic come your way. Getting traffic to your blog isn’t magic, it’s a process. No one starts out with thousands of followers, so don’t get frustrated and discouraged. Just keep at it. Consistency always wins.

Feeling overwhelmed with all that you need to do to get traffic to your blog? You need a strategy and a plan. Schedule your Online WOW! Assessment with me so we can look over your website, blog, and social media platforms to see where you are missing out on clients and what you can do to stop it, right away.

blog promotion tips

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