/ It's crazy / They must be filming the new Ice Age movie or somethin' / (It's Jason Rich Denzel Curry, IDK, Zombie Juice & Zillakami It be misty when I talk, see the way I walk Furry Gucci slippers when I pull up on your block All these birds, I go.. On my clock, on my clock, on my clock, on my clock (Whoa) I ain't really Jewish, but I gotta flex on Hannukah Threesome with yo aunty and a barber named Veronica Serenade your bitch with Bing Crosby on harmonica I'm covered in ice, but I'm raising the thermometer Piping your bitch in the grass, she shakin' ass, Gravy be skippin' the class Lyrics to 'Clock' by Yung Gravy. Powers Pleasant Feat. Clock Lyrics: God damn, baby / You ever look down at your wrist and see a little snow man sitting on it? Video clip and lyrics Clock by Yung Gravy.

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