/ Just one chance, just one breath / Just in case there's just one left / 'Cause you so far way. I'll be an 11th grader next year and hope to get together with her before I graduate, as I interpret in the line "Stop breathing, if I don't see you anymore."

Information and translations of NickelBack in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Definition of NickelBack in the Definitions.net dictionary. I love the song Far Away by Nickelback and I just wanted some other opinions about what it means because I'm doing a song analysis of it for a school project. she says we can be friends but i wasn't the only one that is sad because she is too. Lyrics and video for the song Far Away by Nickelback - Songfacts. My interpretation of this song is that the one you love seems so far away because you love and want them so badly, but that person is somewhere else and not with you and so that’s what makes them seem that they’re so far away, not just in miles and location but emotionally. What does NickelBack mean? What is the meaning of Nickelback's Far Away? Meaning of NickelBack. This song tells me that I might have a chance with her, but she's been "Far away for far too long." I do think that no matter how far you maybe from the person you love, love still survives. Any help would be appreciated. ... so far away from her i miss her so much and i wish she would be my girl friend but we can't because we are to far away :'(. Far Away Lyrics: This time, this place / Misused, mistakes / Too long, too late / Who was I to make you wait? My InterpretationFar Away by Nickelback This song is all about how you love someone no matter what, that even distance doesn’t really matter.

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