Ask Question Asked 4 years, 8 months ago. It's a convention that uses the origin as the main repository's URL. However I've verified that the string given to me by github is the correct one. Install It! Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! The project has an extra-deps dependency on another (private) Gitlab repo. Skip navigation Sign in.

Re: git clone is not working for a private repo I realize the initial post has "triangle" misspelled.

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pmatos February 20, 2019, 11:47am #1. Blog; Docs; How private are private repos in

When you clone a repository, the name of the remote will be origin. Using GitHub Desktops and GitLab 1. How can I clone a private GitLab repository? Is it normal that any user with a SSH key can clone a private git repository using SSH?

Then there is stuff like user/repo management, service hooks, a nice GUI, Team management, wiki support, and of course, Gitlab is open source. But avoid …. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Would a malicious gitlab employee be able to clone or somehow gain access to a private repo? After a significant amount of testing and tweaking this morning we found a GitLab issue titled, Switching project from private to public, still requires authentication and this issue pointed out by GitLab in the comments below. This video helps to learn how to Clone Project From GitLab. Would a malicious gitlab employee be able to clone or somehow gain access to a private repo? So, when we try to push our local commits to the GitLab server, we have to … I thought that since a project was private, it would only be available to the user that created it along with users granted access to it? Active 10 months ago. Drawbacks Would a malicious gitlab employee be able to clone … When you create a new repository locally, instead of going to GitLab to manually create a new project and then clone the repo locally, you can directly push it to GitLab to create the new project, all without leaving your terminal.

7. Possibly the best thing Gitlab provides, is the ability to have unlimited Private & Public (private by default) repos, for free. Cloning a GitLab Repository. 2. Get Repository HTTPS Address 1.1 Go to your GitLab project (repository) and tap on "HTTPS" to view that address for the repository. 1.2 Copy the HTTPS address of your GitLab project repository. General summary/comments (optional) I have a Gitlab CI pipeline that builds a project with Stack. Search. Private Git Repositories: Part 2A - Repository SSH Keys; Private Git Repositories: Part 2B - Repository SSH Keys; Private Git Repositories: Part 3 - Personal Access Tokens; Using a Repository SSH Key.

Re: Clone private repo Hi @jurajbgh , there are two main ways to accompilsh this, the first is authenticating with SSH - you can read GitHub's articles to help you with setting this up , however, it's more advanced. This video helps to learn how to Clone Project From GitLab . What is GitLab? Once the repo was public, for some reason, Test Kitchen was still unable to pull in the role. This comment has been minimized. Questions & Answers.

The remote address is the URL that Git is using to push the code to. Clone … Same issue for me with tag management with a GitLab Private repository if I require a specific tag, master is always the one which is checked out.

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