No, Oblivion is not even in the top like 40 or 50 most powerful beings in Marvel. It is the embodiment of nonexistence, residing beyond the multiverse and all the abstract personifications that make up its totality. This is largely going to depend on his state of mind, but at his most powerful I would go with Galactus (Galan (Earth-616)) on this one. ... Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. The walls of the Temple Vault on Morag displayed the four entities that created the Infinity Stones: Entropy, Infinity, Death and Eternity. He is the void outside the Multiverse.

Abraxas is a villainous cosmic entity in the Marvel universe. Oblivion is a character from Marvel Comics. Originally posted by 753 well, you can destroy time in marvel, eternity embodies time like infinity embodies space and ultimately they'll both be eaten by oblivion/death, when there is nothing left to die or cease to be and death itself becomes meaningless, oblivion will still be arround How can you destroy time in marvel? Eternity came into existence when the universe was formed (along with Death, Oblivion, and Infinity) and spontaneously assumed the collective consciousness of all living things in the Universe.He is every living thing and every living thing is him; thus he controls everything in all plains of existence with the exception of the Living Tribunal, who maintains the cosmic balance of power. Eternity comes to existing when the universe is formed, after all he is the universe itself. Eternity is the cosmic abstract of the universe itself, of time and space eternal. Think of it like this: Eternity represents all of space in the Marvel universe.. Infinity represents all of time in the Marvel universe.. Galactus is a being that has been there since the birth of the universe and fall, cosmologically he's the Big Bang in a way. should not be included.Neither do temporary power-ups through outside sources (e.g. Oblivion is the comic obstract of chaos, rage and disorder. All traits of a character are used for calculating the Classification. View Mobile Site As the Seventh Cosmos, Eternity was all that existed along the fabric of time across the entirety of the Multiverse, having been formed to ensure the boundlessness of creation. ... they are beyond Eternity. Thanks for the A2A. The Superhero Database Classification number, or SHDB Class, is a number that represents the overall 'power' of a character. Joe, Groo the Wanderer, RoboCop, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.) Eternity was one of the Cosmic Entities in the universe. Oblivion, Infinity, Eternity, and Death are the cornerstones of their universe, abstract embodiments of the extremes of time and space.Oblivion embodies the absences of space, and is considered to stand opposite Infinity on the spatial axis. He embodies all aspects of it. And yes, Oblivion can exist without Eternity, Infinity, Galactus, and Death. the Red Skull possessing a cosmic cube, etc. Oblivion embodies the absence of space, and is considered to stand opposite Infinity on the spatial axis. Oblivion is a cosmic entity in the Marvel universe who is often erronously seen as an aspect of Lady Death - however unlike her, he embodies non-existence rather than mortality and is dedicated to destroying all that exists. Oblivion without a doubt, is more powerful. Based on our current ratings, this would be Universal M-Bodies = Low 2-C Multi-Abstracts = 1-B Chaos King = 1-B (equal to Multi-Eternity) Oblivion = 1-B (higher end, transcends the space of the Marvel multiverse, seems to be portrayed as above the other abstracts)

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