Cost Effective Website Promotion

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A website offers your business’ services to the World, hence the World Wide Web. The world is the audience, so I am going to offer some ideas on how to get the World to beat a path to your door. OK, so maybe you don’t want the world, how about a steady stream of clients who purchase from you regularly? Would that be ok?

1. Cruise the Net

Fine out what sites your potential customers visit, go to those sites, look for an option to add your web address to that site, or list an announcement or a Free classified ad. If they have a discussion board, sign up and participate.

2. Start a newsletter

  • Perfect way to keep in touch with existing clients and contacts
  • Offer useful info to your target market – it keeps you on the top of their mind
  • Have visitors opt-in from the site
  • Write for other newsletters – they will link back to your site from the article
  • A recent client writes articles for several of the top business magazines and uses her weekly newsletter to alert her subscribers to her new articles. Then, she leads them back to the website where a special promotion awaits them

3. Start a chat room or message board

  • Invite potential and current clients to join you for a highly focused discussion online
  • Offer subjects of interest to your client base
  • You will build a following
  • People will start to see you as “the expert”
  • One of our business coaching clients uses several, password protected message boards to conduct regular online coaching sessions

4. Create an affiliate program

  • Create an online sales force
  • Make it attractive for this sales force to both do business with you and to refer business leads to you
  • excellent example of how an affiliate program should work

5. Use sweepstakes and contests

  • Awards don’t have to be expensive
  • Use your products and services as prizes/awards
  • One of my clients offer e-books she writes as prizes to her clients that participate in monthly promotions
  • A client who hosted a talk show used online surveys  with “thank you” incentives to gather vital demographic information from her audience

6. Get other websites to link to yours

  • A link from another site is an “endorsement” for your site from them
  • Search engines can increase or decrease how relevant your site is for particular key word searches based on the links pointing to your site
  • Link to relevant, high traffic websites and get them to reciprocate. Be careful though, link exchanges aren’t what they use to be.

7. Submit your site to the search engines

  • Search engines are giant computer programs that index websites
  • Why are they important?? 85% of web surfers start their surf with a search engine
  • Make the most of search engine submissions by submitting often – every 45 days
  • Through our web maintenance program, we submit our client’s sites to over 200 search engines every 45 days

8. Start a viral marketing campaign

  • Create an email about your product or service
  • Send it to others
  • Ask them to send it to others in their network and use that network to send to others
  • Sounds like a chain letter!!!??
  • Think about this – hotmail used the phrase “ get your private, free email from hotmail” at the bottom of every email that customers sent out while using their system
  • Company grew to over 30 million accounts
  • What’s in your email tag line???
  • We encourage our clients to create an email tagline for all their outgoing email

9. Tell Everybody!

  • Email
  • Press release
  • Notes
  • Just tell them all!

10. Put it on everything

  • It goes on each and every piece of marketing materials that you use
  • Letterhead, business cards, flyers, notes pens
  • If your business has its name on it, then your website should be there too

Over 72 million Americans access the Internet each and every, a business cannot ignore the importance of making their websites visible to those needy web surfers who want to share those spending dollars with that business.

We listen when our clients talk. That’s important because only you can tell us the information that we need to know to optimize your website to be visible to the people who want to find it.

One of our clients was told by a previous designer that her site was optimized for search engines, however, nothing had been done. We listened to what she wanted for her site and designed a plan that made her site visible to the top search engines.

We I love working with business owners who want their website to be found.

You’ll want to talk to us because your website is an important part of your business and positioning it so that it can be found cannot be taken lightly.

Call us or fill out this form for a consultation.



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