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The Biz News Digest series takes the guesswork out of marketing your business using the 4 Pillars on Online Business Success:

  • Social Media 
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Design

You will discover:

  • Ways to connect with your target audience via email newsletters
  • How to get your WordPress site up and running and bringing in clients
  • The real reasons you need a mobile app to help market your business and act as your content generator
  • How to implement social media marketing strategies that don’t take all day and drive you crazy trying to keep up with the latest fads

This series is produced monthly and includes pertinent information to help you better understand what is needed today to market your business to your target audience. Each section contains tips, tricks and information that you can put into use right away. Don’t miss out on the news that will help you grow your business without going through all the headaches. Take a closer look at the individual sections of the digest listed below.

Each week, we’ll bring you a new tip, bit of info or easier way to do the things you need to do to market your business and get more clients.

We know you’re busy, so we’re making the training available a couple different ways:

  • WATCH the videos
  • LISTEN to the audio
  • READ the blog post

Either way, you are on your way to marketing success. Our compliments.

Check out the awesome information you’re about to dive into:

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Need a professional-looking website that’s easy for you to design yourself and make changes to AND is also Free to download and get started with? Kewl, got just the thing for you…WordPress. It’s the most popular web design tool out there for business owners. In the WordPress U section, we’ll teach you how to use WordPress with easy-to-follow tutorials and tips and tricks to make it work better and faster.

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The mobile web is fascinating and shiny new, but already 1 in 5 Americans access it every day. This percentage is expected to increase every year. Building customer loyalty, creating a viral buzz and growing your customer list are only a few of the reasons to get mobile right now.The Get Mobile Now section shows you how to get mobile along with the best ways to market your app for user engagement.

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Chances are you have at least one social media account. As the marketing landscape changes, businesses like yours are realizing that you just can’t ignore the pull of social media because that’s where your clients are. We”ll show you how to take charge and put social media to work for you and become the “Go To Expert” in your industry.The Social Media Mania section shows you how to incorporate social media marketing into your daily “To-Do” list along with tips on how to keep it from taking over your life.

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Learn real strategies on how to communicate with your most important asset—your customers. We make it easy to build a better business through customer loyalty and referrals.The Email Marketing 101 section shows you how to duplicate the success of other businesses that are using email marketing successfully.

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[imaioVideo v=1]   Welcome to Biz News You Can Use. This is the Social Media Mania edition. Today, we’re diving deep into the strategies you need to put in place to get Free Likes, shares and comments on Facebook. You can also use this information on your other social media accounts as well. I am
[imaioVideo v=1]   Shopping never sleeps. Today and especially during the 2015 Holiday Shopping Season – which is just around the corner – it is more true than ever. Whether a consumer is researching the difference between pricing of two similar products or trying to find the best coffee house in a particular neighborhood, consumers
 [imaioVideo v=1] If you aren't using Google Hangouts in your business, you are most certainly missing out.Click To Tweet If you aren’t using Google Hangouts in your business, you are most certainly missing out on the best FREE service since…EVER!! Today, I’ll go through some key features of Google Hangouts including: Why Use Google Hangouts
 [imaioVideo v=1] Have you heard the phrase “The Money is in the List”? Believe it because it’s true. If you don’t have a list of interested people who have subscribed to get more of what you’re offering, your business is really dead in the water. Most of the time when you hear about lists, you


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