Get Mobile Now – Episode 1 – Searches on Mobile Devices increase 400%

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Listen to the Podcast:

Hey, Good to see you on this Wednesday. It’s time to Get Mobile Now.

I’ve got plenty of news for you, so let’s get going. I’m your host Carol Dunlop. If you have questions about whether you should get mobile or not; which means you need a mobile website, a mobile app…the time is now.

:28 Searches on Mobile Devices increase 400%
News Source: Media Post News

Google has seen a 400% increase in the number of searches on mobile devices within the past year, according to Dennis Woodside, president of mobile in the Americas at Google. Twenty percent of search volume related to telecommunications comes from mobile devices.

Woodside noted that one in three mobile searches on Google has a local connection; 61% call the business for the ad that was clicked on. In the consumer electronics category on Google, one in seven of queries occur on a mobile phone. About 16.8% of queries for auto occur on a mobile phone. In aggregate, consumers play 65 million minutes of Angry Bird daily.

Google estimates that 79% of its advertisers are not prepared to engage their customers on mobile because they think the medium is too difficult to deploy. Woodside tells advertisers a couple things they can do within 90 days to move into mobile:

  • build a mobile site
  • create a mobile app
  • add click-to-call information
  • track clickstreams and conversions of traffic independently from desktop advertisements.

1:44 Next up: Samsung reveals Passbook rival called Wallet

The company’s new Wallet app will let people store and manage tickets, coupons, boarding passes, and other items on their mobile devices.

The app lets providers integrate their apps with Samsung Wallet so that mobile device users can add their electronic tickets and coupons. Those tickets display bar codes that can then be scanned at terminals. Demoing the app at Mobile World Congress today in Barcelona, Spain, Samsung showed how a person could add an electronic airplane ticket from a provider such as Lufthansa into the Wallet app.

So far, Samsung has signed up Walgreens, Major League Baseball, Expedia,, and Lufthansa as Wallet partners. The API (application programming interface) for developers is still in beta and available only to select partners. But Samsung will open up the playing field to everyone starting in May.


Now are you ready to get on the Mobile App/Mobile Website bandwagon? I’m sure you are, just by listening to what we’ve just said. But if you’re confused about it, don’t worry about it, we’ll take care of it for you, go to our website, and click on the mobile apps and websites tab to get your free demo.


3:06 Next up:  Firefox and Tizen go after the Android Market

Five years ago, there was no Android, RIM was the powerhouse, the iPhone was brand new,  Palm’s WebOS was in development, and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile was saying Bye-Bye for good. Here comes some new players Firefox OS and Tizen OS are making waves to compete in this market now. There are at least 18 handset makers and carriers who have pledged support for these operating systems with phones on the way, — the Alcatel One Touch Fire, the ZTE Open, the Geeksphone Keon, and the Geeksphone Peak

3:44 And finally:  Lots of Big, Crisp screens for New, Faster Android phones

Android display sizes featured screens at 4 inches or larger. Most now hover in the range of 4.5 inches, like the LG Optimus F5 and Optimus F7. However the LG Optimus G Pro sports a 5.5 inche screen and the ZTE Grand Memo has a 5.7-inch display.

Today’s Android phones and tablets are getting faster and faster. The new round of Android phones hover around the 1.7GHz clock speed, some inching even higher.

That’s all for today, this is your host Carol Dunlop.

Please join me again next week.



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