Get Mobile Now: Make Life Easier for Your Clients

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As you review your marketing plan, make sure you budget in the creation of a mobile app. You’re probably thinking that having a mobile app is only for those “large corporations,” but you’d be mistaken.

Ad Age” recently reported that companies like AT&T don’t want to mess with mobile advertising; they want to use TV as their marketing platform. Those Big Guys are drastically under estimating the impact of mobile advertising. This is great news for many small businesses because mobile should soon pass TV as the number one way to VIEW advertising and information related to it. Since more and more people are on mobile, THIS is where YOU need to be too. Since the Big Guys don’t want to spend the money and make the effort, you can ease into that space and start reaping the benefits now.

Here’s how your business can use mobile apps to not only market your business, but also build a loyal fan base of customers who will repeatedly use your business services before searching elsewhere.


Since everyone is busy and preoccupied with all the tasks they most perform each day, why not allow your clients to schedule their appointments with you on their own time? Setting up this feature on your mobile app and allowing your clients to review timeslots and choose the ones that meet their needs shows that you respect your clients’ busy schedule and want to make it easier for them to work with you.

You can have this scheduled appointment go to your assistant or whoever handles that task. Both you and the client will receive confirmation.

In-app Purchases

If you offer retail products or other services that can be purchased online, the next step is to allow them to be purchased from your app.

Setting up the transactions is simple; customers can either purchase directly from the app or be taken to your website via the app to complete the purchase. Now, your customers have the power to purchase from you anywhere.

Put Your Blogs in Their Hands Right Away

The best part of having a mobile app is its ability to take the RSS feed of your blog and display it in your app. Your readers won’t have to wait to receive an email that you’ve posted a new blog, all they need to do is open the app and BAM! it’s right there, automagically.

Would you like to see these client-building services in action on your own mobile app?

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