Get More Clients using Google Hangouts

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If you aren’t using Google Hangouts in your business, you are most certainly missing out on the best FREE service since…EVER!!

Today, I’ll go through some key features of Google Hangouts including:

Why Use Google Hangouts for your business:

  • Chat with prospects LIVE
  • Video chat with prospects LIVE
  • Automatically records the entire webinar AND allows you to download it as an MP4
  • Allows you to mix PowerPoint Slides and Live video feed
  • Allows an UNLIMITED amount of participants
  • Allows you to integrate guests live with you on video, in REAL TIME
  • And best of all, its FREE!!!

What you need to get up and running

  • You must have a Google+ account
  • You will need a YouTube account to attach to the Hangout

Some strategies to help you avoid some of the pitfalls I had when I first started using it. Like which link to send when I wanted people to join me in the hangout verses which link to send to “viewers only.” Finally, I’ll show you a couple of great reasons why using Google Hangouts will help you expand your brand and get more engagement from your loyal customers. This is actually the shortened version of my monthly free business training webinars that I started at the beginning of 2015.

To see the full webinar, click this link

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