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Shopping never sleeps. Today and especially during the 2015 Holiday Shopping Season – which is just around the corner – it is more true than ever. Whether a consumer is researching the difference between pricing of two similar products or trying to find the best coffee house in a particular neighborhood, consumers are turning to their mobile devices.

These “I want to buy moments” are fueled by the fact that consumers know at any given moment they can have all the information they need to make a purchasing decision in just a few clicks or button pushes. Research has proven that 93% of people who use a mobile device for research go on to make a purchase.

This is your opportunity to come out on top this holiday shopping season. If you want your customers, clients or patients to have your business in their pocket 24/7—when they’re ready to purchase, download or make an appointment— you need to have a mobile app to help market your business.

Here are 5 ways having a mobile app for your business will guarantee a successful holiday shopping season for you.

Having a mobile app will help you:

Be Responsive

By having a mobile app in addition to your website, you won’t have to worry about whether or not it’s responsive or resizes to fit the user’s mobile device screen. Mobile apps are made for mobile devices.

Be Ready

Making your mobile app available to your customers and potential customers means that at any moment that they need your product or services, you’re ready. If they don’t quite know where you are, they can use the “click to call” feature to contact you via phone or the “locator map” feature to get directions straight to the front door of your business.

74% of smart phone owners use their phone to get directions

Be Alert

By incorporating location-based marketing along with Geo-Fencing (which creates a virtual barrier around your brick and mortar location or facility), you can send alerts, text messages and/or coupons to potential customers and lead them straight to your front door.

Be Valuable

Just having a business isn’t enough, you have to give your customers ongoing value to keep them engaged and coming back to buy from you again and again. Having a mobile app does that by giving them reasons to not only continue using your app, but to remain a long-term customer or patient. You can keep the loyalty going by offering your audience:

  • Rewards
  • Discounts
  • Coupons and
  • Exclusive content only available via your app

Be Available

Customers want to interact with the people and organizations they spend their money with. They want their questions answered quickly and when they can’t get answers from you personally, they can always use your mobile app to get the answers they need. An easy way to ensure that you are tending to their needs is to include a “feedback” tab that’s linked to your email address that you access often and answer frequently. By offering this simple solution, you’re guaranteeing your success with your mobile app and continuing to be the hero to your customers, clients and patients.

Are you ready to create your mobile app and ensure your success this holiday shopping season?

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