March 4, 2013: The Start

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Well, it’s here, the first week of my new challenge! I’m so excited to share this challenge with you and for you to be here with me to see this thing grow.

March 4, 2013: The StartAs you can see we had 19 more visitors since last week and the bounce rate wasn’t bad at all, seems as though people are sticking around to check things out.

The hardest part of doing this was the video software. Being the artist and graphic designer that I am, I choose to work with high-end software, but I NEVER discount the software that really isn’t used by designers either. The video editing software that I used was Adobe Premiere Pro, but nothing was going my way with this thing, it kept hanging up and crashing and moving soooo SLOW! It was taking hours (literally), I knew there had to be a better way.

I had to stop and think for a second, I wasn’t making a Spielberg film, I was doing something that thousands of other people were doing: shooting a video and uploading it to social media sites. I was using common equipment like a camcorder that you can purchase at Best Buy and I was going to upload my video to a regular site like YouTube, so I knew I was overthinking this thing. So I turned to an old favorite that has gotten a new look, Microsoft Movie Maker (Windows 7 Live Essentials). I used it to do my initial cuts and adjustments and it worked like a charm. I then exported the movie to a usable file for Premiere Pro and Voila! It worked also.

Problem Solved!

Gathering the news was the most fun, not only did I learn A LOT of useful information, I know that you will enjoy hearing it and reading it also.

Now comes the posting and the follow up.

See you next week!



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