First impressions are everything. Your website/business hub should be talking to your ideal audience the minute they land on your site.


Every post, video, sentence and section should offer clues to your ideal audience that you know what their pain is; what’s keeping them awake at night AND that you have the solution.

All the “pretty” websites in the world are useless if they don’t close deals. In the end you’re talking money, but closing deals doesn’t always involve money. It takes a buyer seeing your offers, reading your posts and articles and diving into your content several times before the majority decides to purchase. On average, they need to be “touched” by you at least 7 times. Those touches can happen in several ways:

  1. They WATCH a video of you explaining how your product or service works.
  2. They READ your newsletter.
  3. They LIKE a post.
  4. They SHARE a quote you put on Twitter.
  5. They RESONATE with something you said or wrote and BOOM! they knew it was time to seal the deal by opening their virtual wallet and making a purchase.

Your website offers your audience the opportunity to:

  • Get to KNOW you
  • Figure out if they LIKE you
  • Start to TRUST you
  • Then DECIDE to buy from you

But the key factor in all their decisions is your website. Prospects expect you to have a website. But what they don’t expect or even know that what they are looking at is a WOW! Website.

Your WOW! Website

  • Looks awesome and is branded with your colors, logo and concepts
  • Answers questions and provides the right information
    • To the right audience
    • In the right form
    • At the right time
  • Captures the name and email addresses of visitors so you can connect with them on a deeper level
  • Showcases your awesome solutions to their problems
  • Is up-to-date
  • Presents YOU as the ONLY solution to take away your audience’s major pain point

So is your website a WOW! or a Whoa!?

  • Do you capture the email addresses of your visitors?
  • Do you have an amazing opt-in that your visitors can’t wait to get their hands on?
  • Do you share your expertise and knowledge on your blog?

When your potential click through to your website, do they see a reflection of the true professional you are? Or do they see a site that’s less than? Not quite ready for Prime Time? Or just doesn’t measure up? If your website doesn’t do what I talked about earlier, you are missing out on money, plain and simple.

We’re going to share this with you, if your website is not becoming to you, then you should be coming to us!

Let’s see what we need to do to create a WOW! website that sets your business on fire and has your target audience begging to work with you!


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