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Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are great platforms to have a presence on for your business. Actually, you can’t do business these days without being a part of these huge sites. But some businesses make the mistake of thinking that having a presence on the big social media sites is all it takes. Sadly, when an update comes out that throws their entire business off kilter, they quickly realize that they are at the mercy of these sites.

Yes, you have to be part of these social media giants to compete, BUT they cannot and should not be the heart of your online presence. Your website needs to be the place where you lead all your friends, fans and followers so that you remain in control of how your brand is portrayed and how your content is distributed.

It’s your business, keep it that way

So often I speak with entrepreneurs and ask them about their websites and they tell me that they do most of their business on Facebook or Twitter and that is enough.

REALLY?? Remember you DON’T own Facebook, Twitter or Google+. These are just tools for you to use to drive traffic to your own domain, your website.

Your website is the place where you have total control of how your image and your content are displayed for the world to see. No one can hide your posts or ask you to pay money to promote your information. If anything, you are the one getting paid from others to display their advertisements to your audience.

Nothing drives this key information home more than the sad situation of Tripp Halstead. He is only 2 years old and was struck by a falling tree limb at his daycare which caused him to suffer severe brain damage. His mom posted religiously on the family’s facebook page with updates on his condition for weeks and months.  Then some smart-alec reported one of her posts as offensive. And just like that, her social media page was gone. Fortunately, the local TV station, WAGA Fox 5 intervened on her behalf to the company and they were able to work things out. The page is back up, but not without a lot of unnecessary drama, stress and strain being put on an already overburdened family.

Let this be an example to you to take control of your information, your content, your brand.

Post your information on YOUR DOMAIN and lead friends, fans and followers to your site from the social media sites so that they get your information from you, the way you intended it.

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