Carol Dunlop: Ok so who gets sales BEFORE the launch??? My awesome client. More to come with who and what, but for now, just know that she was prepared, with her landing page, her membership site set up, her webinar ready to go and before she could even attempt to sell people on how awesome her program is people started clicking the BUY now button. Good thing, she’s gone through my intense one-on-one training for “techy people who are scared to death of the tech.” Look out for my new Master Class on Thursday where you can get started on your own program and get friends, fans and followers to buy from you over and over again.

Anita R. Henderson Guilty as charged. I’m the non-techy one. Carol has been super patient with me, walking and talking me through all the details of setting up my very first solo webinar and membership site launch. Am I nervous? Heck yes! Am I pumped up? Heck yes! There’s nothing like a pre-launch sale to get the adrenaline going. I haven’t even put the signup out yet, but people found it because Carol guided me through a simple promotional plan that led to a 40% conversion rate of page views to signups. And 50% of signups completed my pre-webinar poll. Now, let me get off FB so I can get ready to slay my webinar this morning. Stay tuned for results. Over and out.

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