Purpose Driven Entrepreneur Daily Prayer Journal

Strengthen your Business and Connection with God through the Power of Prayer

Use the Power of Prayer to focus on your connection with God and your business growth.

As Christians, Believers, and Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs of Faith, prayer is important, purposeful, and a necessity of life.

Have you ever felt that maybe God wasn’t listening to your prayers?

Now, you have the opportunity to keep a record of what you’re praying for. When your prayers are answered, you can rejoice instead of wonder.

Imagine creating a habit of communicating with God by integrating prayer journaling into your routine.

Remember the Miracles

When you feel that God is silent, browse through your prayer journal entries to safeguard your spirit from forgetting the awesomeness of God and how he moves in your life.

“Pray for me”

How many times has someone asked for prayer and you simply forgot? Now, you’ll be able to recall those requests so you can pray for them properly.

Testimonial Record

Think of this daily prayer journal as a way to record your personal faith journey. So that it becomes a testimonial record of:

  • The good that God has blessed you with
  • The trials that He has brought you through
  • The evidence of Faith manifested

This daily prayer journal offers a place to record:

  • Your Business goal for each day
  • Your Life goal for each day
  • Reflective thoughts on the day’s scripture
  • Who asked for prayer
  • A place to summarize your prayer journey every 5 days
  • Each day’s entry date

This daily prayer journal is 8 ½” X 11” to give you a good amount of writing area. And is printed on crisp white paper for your writing ease and enjoyment. There are 90 days of numbered journaling pages that provide you with the space you need to communicate with God and share what’s on your heart. Each page contains a scripture from one of the following categories: Strength, Inspiration, Money, Submission, and Obedience.

Give definition, structure, and focus to your business, your purpose, and your life by ordering this daily prayer journal now.

Meet the Purpose Driven Authors

Carol J Dunlop

The Online WOW! Strategist

I teach entrepreneurs how to convert marketing into money using their WOW! Website.
Connect with Carol
Selena Teems
I help aspiring authors hire the best creatives to create bestselling books
Connect with Selena
Tammy Winston

The Healthy Pet Whisperer

I help keep pet parents happy and their pets eating nutritiously.
Connect with Tammy
Nadine Mullings

The B.E.S.T. Marketing Strategist

Connect with Nadine
Tina Bolden

The Tax-Smart Weatlth Strategist

Connect with Tina
Tena Scallan

The Ultimate Caregiving Expert

Connect with Tena
Sharon Reid

Thee Heart Lady

Connect with Sharon
Melissa T. Hinton

The Hinton Agency

Connect with Melissa
Renee Coakley

Renee Coakley Real Estate

Your home is my business!
Connect with Renee
Tracie Harris
Destined by Design Global Impact and Tea Talks
Connect with Tracie

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Meet Purpose Driven Author: Selena Teems

Meet Purpose Driven Author: Tammy Winston
Meet Purpose Driven Author: Nadine Mullings

Meet Purpose Driven Author: Tina Bolden

Meet Purpose Driven Author: Tena Scallan

Meet Purpose Driven Author: Sharon Reid

Meet Purpose Driven Author: Melissa T. Hinton
Meet Purpose Driven Author: Renee Coakley

Meet Purpose Driven Author: Tracie Harris

Join in on the fun and watch the author interviews. We chat about their business, why they joined the project, and how they incorporate prayer into their business.

We’ll see you LIVE at the following times:

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Keep a record of what you’re praying for

Give definition, structure, and focus to your business, your purpose, and your life by ordering this daily prayer journal now.

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