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Product Description

  • Regular Updates and Maintenance: There’s a lot going on behind the WordPress scene, between updating WordPress core files, plugins and WordPress themes that seem to release every day, you could be updating all day every day. We provide WordPress support to ensure that everything is updated, well-maintained and running smoothly.
  • Malware & Spam Prevention: We work to keep your data safe and the hackers and bad guys out.
  • Daily Backups: Your data will be safe, secure, and easily accessible. If you lose your data, it’s gone forever. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. We’ll even email you a copy of your database to have if anything goes wrong.
  • Security Monitoring: We’ll search for and clean existing malware and prevent hackers from getting in. Without adequate protection, your website and all your information is vulnerable to malware and hackers. We’ll provide monitoring and protection from potential attacks.

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