UN-Market Your Business


You’ve started your business, struggled longer than necessary, and finally got your mojo going. Now it’s time to step on the gas and grow. This book contains the best marketing strategies to help you move your business from startup to standout in less time than it took to get your business license. Learn all the different marketing strategies savvy business owners use to attract the right prospects and convert them into paying clients. If they can do it, so can you.


Product Description

UN-Market Your Business is the breakout business book filled with effective marketing strategies that savvy entrepreneurs have been waiting for.

UN-Market Your Business case studies:

  • When Carol met Cynthia in a Facebook group, Cynthia had never considered the fact that she could actually turn her fun posts and engagement into deposits in the bank. Read how she did it and how you can as well.
  • Annette saw a need to champion wellness in the South Cobb area of Atlanta, GA. She asked for CSI’s help, so Alvin and Carol gladly jumped in and offered their services. Carol coordinated the 5k race and CSI donated their web design services. Read all about the rave reviews the project has received and discover how you can use cause marketing in your business to achieve similar success.
  • Anita wanted to create a stream of monthly income for her coaching business. Read how she did it in Chapter 14. And how you can follow her example and start making money from following the trends.

You are ready, right now to:

  • Turn your friends, fans, and followers into paying clients
  • Flip networking on its head by leading the pack instead of following it
  • Be the star of your own show
  • Use trending topics to get noticed
  • Discover how to create a cost-effective marketing plan



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