Shop online at all? Great, because your ideal clients do too.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to steer those shoppers straight to your content using engaging, on-target social media marketing?

Shopping happens 24/7. Whether your ideal prospects are comparing coaching services, searching for the best deal on holiday housekeeping, or trying to find the best coffeehouse in your neighborhood, they’re turning to social media to get the information they need. Consumers and business owners know that at any given moment they can have all the information they need to make a purchasing decision in just a few clicks or taps.

Check this out:

  • Facebook has over 1 Billion with a (B) active users who are actively using the site. Every. Single. Day.
  • Instagram has over 500 million active monthly users
  • Twitter has over 313 million active monthly users

And you know those numbers are only going to increase as people realize they don’t have to leave the comfort of their home to get what they want.

Those shoppers are ready with their charge cards in hand.

The question is are YOU ready?

Do you have your social media marketing game face on? Can you hang with the big brands when it comes to marketing using social media and claim your piece of the online shopping pie?

Here’s the deal.

Your ideal clients/customers are ready to buy, they’re getting their mobile devices ready to hit the “order” button and you need to be ready and have your social media marketing strategy and bag of tricks and tools in place so they see you and buy from you.

And you can be. With my most popular program:


Here’s the deal.

Your ideal clients/customers are ready to buy, they’re getting their mobile devices ready to hit the “order” button and you need to be ready and have your social media marketing strategy and bag of tricks and tools in place so they see you and buy from you.

And you can be. With my most popular program:


This is the secret sauce that fuels your social media marketing windfall.

With the Social Media Success Strategy program you won’t have to guess where your ideal audience hangs out online; you’ll know.

By following the simple steps I’ll share with you in this online training, you won’t have to wonder what to post when and how, because you’ll already have it taken care of!

Imagine being able to create all the social media posts you need for the next 12 months in ONE HOUR!

That’s not a typo and your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you – ONE hour. I’m revealing my 3-Step plan for getting all the clients you want to work with. In fact, you’ll be shocked at how simple it really is and how profitable it will be.

Are you tired of posting and posting all day every day?

Well, I’ll share how you can put your posting on auto-pilot for free. Just think about how much time you will free up during your day and be confident knowing that your social media marketing is working behind the scenes to get clients for you.

If this sounds like the program you’ve been looking for to get your business in front of your ideal audience that’s ready to buy from you. Read on…

Nearly 100 students can't be wrong! Here's what a few of them have to say . . .

Just when I thought I was doing enough on social media, Carol stepped in and showed me how to do more in less time. From scheduling Facebook and LinkedIn posts, to using resources like and Google Alerts, and even the holy grail of social media — video! Yikes! She pushed me to do more videos than I ever considered. Incorporating all of these elements has resulted in a 24% increase in overall social media followers for my business across platforms. Thanks Carol!

~Anita R. Henderson, President
The Write Image
“The Author’s Midwife”

Carol’s Social Media marketing information made me aware of how tremendously important Social Media is to creating a successful business. I now use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for my business. Definitely take advantage of Carol’s Program. You won’t regret it!!!

~Sandy Jones

Carol Dunlop, VP Marketing and Communications, Creative Services International, IncMy name is Carol Dunlop. I’ve used social media to fuel my business marketing success for over 10 years. I started out as a graphic and web designer, and built a great business with my husband.

But along the way, I felt I needed more and decided to pursue my other passion; health and fitness. So I became a personal trainer and started Optimum Body Sculpting in 2005. With a marketing budget of ZERO, I used social media as my number one way of getting the word out.

My best decision was to start an Internet radio show, which I grew to 10,000 listener downloads per week. As a result of the show, I was able to collaborate with 8-Time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney and America’s Fat Loss Coach Robert Ferguson. I turned that success into a Creative Director position for Black Health magazine where I created entire issues around Steve Harvey, Magic Johnson, Vivica Foxx and other well-known celebs. Pretty exciting, right? But at the height of my success, my BFF4Life, my husband, Alvin suffered a devastating stroke in January of 2011.

I’ll never forget the feeling of trying to come to grips with the doctor telling me that he may not survive the night. I’ve never cried so hard!

But he did survive the night! And not only that but he recovered and today you can’t even tell he had a stroke. Praise God!

I thought that everything would be back to normal after he got back to normal, but that was only the beginning of our journey. I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer only 6 months later, in July of 2011. Talk about a harrowing journey. There were times, I didn’t think I would make it through, but with the help of God, my husband, my family and friends, both in-person and virtual, I did it! Today, I am all clear! Praise God once more!

We got through that stretch battered but not broken. And what we came away with was so much more powerful than anything we ever experienced.

A sense that we HAD TO live our lives to the fullest, enjoy every single second and help others to do the same.

Because of that mindset adjustment, coupled with the fact that clients were begging me to show them how I used social media marketing to fuel my business’ success AND keep both businesses going through those tough months of treatment, rehab, recovery and faith-stretching. I returned to my first love, this business! And now, not only did I know graphics and web design, I was now fluent in social media marketing.

And now I am making my successful track record and the same keys I used to create my successful social media marketing strategy available to YOU.

Starting with the Social Media Success Strategy

Here’s what you get:

3 training videos that show you exactly how to create and implement your social media marketing plan that turns friends, fans and followers into paying clients. ($197 value)

I know you’re busy, so I’ve added an audio version of each video so you can play it while you’re driving or whenever or wherever you want to get your learning on via audio. Personally, I love learning new things while driving; it makes me feel that I am really accomplishing two tasks at once. ($147 value)

That takes care of the WHAT and the HOW; here comes the ACTIVATION! Since NOTHING happens until you do something and I want to make sure you rock this buying season. I’ve included 3 must-have tools that will make this season your best selling season ever.

Activation Tool #1: Auto-Pilot Posting

This is a complete breakdown of my favorite strategy to create and post social media content automatically 24/7 ($97 value)

Activation Tool #2: 12 in ONE

This is my #1 strategic plan that walks you step-by-step through the process of creating 12 months’ worth of social media content in ONE hour! ($97 value)

Activation Tool #3: Social Media Secret Sauce Private Facebook Group

This is the private group where you can share strategies, discover tricks and hacks, and discuss the best way to use social media marketing for profit with like-minded people just like you. ($497 value)

And that’s not all; I am giving you two amazing bonuses for enrolling in the program.

Bonus #1: the Social Media Breakdown Guide

This report breaks down and shows you detailed statistics of the audiences of each of the top social media platforms. This way you’ll know exactly where your audience hangs out online so you don’t have to wonder, wish and hope.  ($97 value)

Bonus #2: 30 Eye-catching, Client-getting Headlines

The headline is the make or break piece of the puzzle when it comes to enticing your audience to stop what they are doing and click your link. If your headline sucks, you’ve already lost them before your first attempt at selling to them. With this guide you’ll get 30 of my best headlines that I used both in my own successful programs and for my FIVERR clients to get noticed and get paid. ($97 value)

Carol’s social media strategies helped me to comfortably get out of my safe space when it came to social media marketing. With her direction, I’m getting more out of social media in less time. My email list is growing faster than it ever has, and that has equaled more sales!

~Candice L. Davis

When it’s all said and done, this program is valued at over $1200!

But, I’m not selling it for that amount. I’m making this program absolutely affordable for savvy business owners like you who are ready to be successful with getting online shoppers to buy from you.

When you enroll now in Social Media Success Strategy

Your Investment: $97

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That’s NOT A TYPO!

Let’s face it; your ideal clients/customers are looking for your services/products right now. Will you be ready to take advantage of their decision to open their wallets? Is your social media marketing game on point enough to get those buyers to notice you and buy from you?

If you’re the least bit unsure or if you just want to be 100% darn sure that you’re ready, you need to enroll in Social Media Success Strategy RIGHT NOW!

Believe me, this special pricing won’t last long, so take advantage while the getting’s good.

When you enroll now in Social Media Success Strategy

Your Investment: $97

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