Social Media Mania: Facebook Likes for Free

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Welcome to Biz News You Can Use. This is the Social Media Mania edition.

Today, we’re diving deep into the strategies you need to put in place to get Free Likes, shares and comments on Facebook. You can also use this information on your other social media accounts as well.

I am Carol Dunlop, Author, Speaker, Coach and VP of Marketing and Publications for Creative Services International. If you would like to learn more about me and what I do, please check out my bio on the link provided below or by clicking “About Us.”

Let’s get into our subject, “Facebook Likes for Free.”

Even though Facebook wants you to pay for your likes and basically all your audience interaction, you can still do so much for free. Of course, when I’m referring to “Free,” I am talking NO monetary investment, you’ll still have to invest time. But, if you follow the strategies you’ll learn today, you’ll have plenty of time to “do social media” and still have time to run your business and enjoy all that money you’re going to save from NOT HAVING TO purchase ads.

Figure Out What to Post

Part of what creates engagement is posting what your audience wants to see, read or hear and then engage with. It’s pretty simple to figure out what your audience wants—ask them!

  • Use surveys from Survey Monkey.
  • Set up a Feedly or Readability account to get content straight to your inbox.
  • Use the Periscope app to talk directly to your audience and find out what they want “straight from the horse’s mouth.”
  • BEST ADVICE EVER! Use If you haven’t heard about this awesome program, you’re definitely missing out. If I sound like a raving fan of PostPlanner, I am! I admit it. I started using them a few months ago and just like they promised, they literally give you the most popular, viral posts to use on your own Facebook account. They actually provide you with content for Instagram and Twitter too, but we’ll stick to Facebook for now. By using PostPlanner, you can bypass A LOT of guesswork on what to post so you can spend more time engaging.

Create Content Categories or Buckets

Now that you know where to get your content, you’ll need to choose which categories are relevant to you and to what YOUR audience is looking for from you. Kim Garst has turned this into a science with her course, Dominating Facebook’s
News Feed
. You can get more info on this course by clicking the link below or if you’re listening via iTunes, from going to the blog post for this edition of Social Media Mania. Kim suggests creating content buckets (categories) and dividing your posts so that you cover a variety of information for your audience to digest. Using our company as an example, we post about ways our clients can use digital marketing to get business:

  • Email Marketing
  • WordPress How To’s
  • Social Media
  • Designing Marketing Materials Yourself
  • News about our business
  •  Occasional personal updates
  • Computer News, Alerts and Updates

As you can see, we offer a variety of posts, but they all fall within what we do as a company.

Create a Schedule

Now you know what to post and where to get the info, the next step is to figure out the best times to post. If you have a Facebook page setup already, go to your “Insights” tab once you are logged into your account. Here you can see when you’re getting the most engagement from what you’ve posted previously. If you don’t have any idea, just start posting. BUT, now you WILL keep track of when you post and what the level of engagement is. You have to start somewhere.

Schedule Your Posts

Believe me, I know you’re busy and you don’t have time to post on Facebook all day, actually no one does. That’s where scheduling comes in. Facebook is a little funny about 3rd party apps and prefer that you use their native scheduler. However, this is where PostPlanner shines yet again. You can use them to schedule your posts and mix in some of their already popular and viral posts to virtually ensure your audience’s engagement in the form of Likes, comments and shares.

Engage, Engage, Engage

You can’t put these strategies in place and then do what I call “Post and Run.” You MUST check in on your Facebook page account to comment on, like and share info that your audience shares with you on your page. It won’t do you any good to put in all this effort to set things up then allow all your hard work to fall into Cyberspace. You must set aside time to check in and see what’s going on with your account. Once every couple hours should do it.

Follow the strategies I’ve laid out for you and you’ll start to see changes in the engagement habits of your audience almost immediately.


Where do you stand with your social media marketing engagement efforts? If you’re ready to move to the next level of social marketing to find and engage with your target audience and create your own legion of Ravin’ Fans who buy from you over and over again, check out our program, Ravin’ Fans Conversion Lessons.



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    Hi Carol,

    Thank you very much for featuring Post Planner on your post and in your podcast!!

    We are honored and humbled.


    We are thrilled that Post Planner has helped you find engaging Facebook content to post.

    Thank you again and again and again.


    Diana (and the entire Post Planner team)

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