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Starting with this post, I am beginning a new adventure. In order to bring you up to speed, I have to start at the beginning. This is actually a relaunch of our (my husband Alvin and I) 20-year old business, Creative Services International, Inc.

It’s been a long journey back to here, but I am excited where this will take me, Alvin and our business. To make a long story short, Alvin suffered a stroke in January 2011 and after going through four months of grueling rehab and getting the complete use of his right side back, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2011. Talk about a double whammy!!

But we made it through; chemo, surgeries, rehab, recovery and all. We had to totally let everything go and concentrate on both our individual health and the health of our relationship. But now we are here, starting over, but both SURVIVORS!

Which brings us to this new adventure; since we dropped everything—we lost our clients, except for a really loyal few who hung in there with us (thanks to you all!). We decided that we really do want to keep the business and make it work better than ever.

I have to say that the success or lack thereof for CSI lay squarely on my shoulders. I was the one in it full time, doing what I thought I needed to do to make it a success. But we were barely scraping by on my “efforts.” At the beginning of this year (2013), I had an epiphany, I realized that I had NOT been doing all that I could do. In fact, I was really playing at being in business, just going through the motions, but never brining about the real substance. I blamed it on everything else. I’m sure you’ve heard the excuses or maybe even uttered them yourself. But NO MORE!

I turned to God to lead me in the direction that I should go to create the life that I was destined to create; the life that I am destined to have! Having a near-death experience and watching your spouse survive another will certainly help you to see things more clearly.

For the longest time I thought that art would lead me to success and then I thought that being a personal trainer would. But I realized that neither was THE ticket, but I couldn’t really give up either because they were so ingrained in my soul. A chat with a good friend of mine, Linda Collett, of The Collett Law Firm, who is on a similar quest for self-fulfillment, helped me to open my eyes to what I really wanted to do and that was to help people, but to also involve my newly found love for social media.

There it was, my answer! I wouldn’t have to choose—my calling really chose me. Now, the issue was how to meld them together to make money in a way that was authentic to me. So I’ve been searching for the past couple months, literally searching the web, books, TV, the minds of my friends and loves ones and within myself.

Then, God led me to the answer that brings me to my adventure. It was as if this training from James Schramko (follow him on Twitter @JamesSchramko) was tailored just for me. I started watching, then listening, then learning, then devouring his content. It was as if I couldn’t get enough, then I decided to just DO IT, exactly as he said to do it. What is it? Glad you asked. The training, which you can get for yourself, for free, is a traffic generating system that helps you take your business to the next level, then the next, then the next and then the next level of success. This training shows you how you can actually make money by showing and proving to your audience that you ARE the expert and that what you say is Golden! It worked for him and as I watched him explain what he did, I knew that it would work for me too!

What better way to test this out than with my own website, especially since we are totally starting over anyway?

Just as James Schramko did with his website, I’m going to use this site, as a case study. It has a brand new look and feel and is now ready to go.

How will this work?

Here is a screen shot of our present analytics from Google.

  1. Each Monday, I’ll post a new analytics screenshot to show you how we are doing. This idea is actually from, Corbett Barr (follow him on Twitter @CorbettBarr) at The post will also include some insights as to what I learned from the following week about this system and how I am tweaking it to work for our company.
  2. I’ve created 5 channels or newsletters/update vehicles where I will be posting news updates in the form of videos each week.
    1. DIY Design: Whether you are starting your business, creating a report, presentation or blog post, chances are you’ll need something designed. If you don’t have the budget or the know-how, rest easy we’re here to help.The DIY Designs podcast series shows you real How-To’s to follow along with  along with the latest industry news about products and services to help you create the best design to showcase your business.
    2. WordPress U: Need a professional-looking website that’s easy for you to design yourself and make changes to AND Free? Kewl, got just the thing for you…WordPress. It’s the most popular web design tool out there for business owners.In the WordPress U podcast series, we’ll teach you how to use WordPress with easy-to-follow turtorials and tips and tricks to make it work better and faster.
    3. Email Marketing 101:Learn real strategies on how to communicate with your most important asset—your customers. We make it easy to build a better business through customer loyalty and referrals.The Email Marketing 101 podcast series show you how to duplicate the success of other businesses with tips, news and case studies.
    4. Social Media Mania:Chances are you have at least one social media account. As the marketing landscape changes, businesses like yours are realizing that you just can’t ignore the pull of social media because that’s where your clients are. You can take charge and put social media to work For You and become the “Go To Expert” in your business area.The Social Media Mania podcast series shows you how to incorporate social media marketing into your daily “To-Do” list along with tips on how to keep it from taking over your life.
    5. Get Mobile Now: The mobile web is fascinating and shiny new, but already 1 in 5 Americans access it every day. This percentage is expected to increase every year. Building customer loyalty, creating a viral buzz and growing your customer list are only a few of the reasons to get mobile right now.The Go Mobile Now podcast series showcases the latest apps and brings you current news about the mobile web and mobile apps. We’ll also include some How-to’s to get you going.

    3. Then, I just wait, refine and continue work.

Pretty simple huh? Simple yes, easy? ABSOLUTELY NOT! It’s going to be a heck of a lot of work and I’ll be fighting my biggest downfall—abandoning a project midway. But I have decided and am determined to see this through. Initially, I am giving it 8 weeks, I have to have some sort of deadline or I WILL abandon it, that’s the way I work J

I can’t say exactly how long it will take to really see success, but if you follow along with me, you will know when I do.

Are you willing to ride along with me? If your business is in need of a DO-OVA or you’re just starting, leave a comment below. If you are so inclined, hop on the boat with me. You don’t have to do this program, maybe you have your own, but either way, we can do it together and help each other along the way. And be sure to sign up for your weekly news update of choice, I’ll be posting!



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