Time for Social Media?

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Who has time for social media or really social anything? Aren’t we all just trying to make some money? Alas, social media is the “Holy Grail” right now and not making time to actually use it and contribute to it correctly can mean sudden death to some business owners.

It would seem the easiest thing in the world, to sit and type, write posts and responses and spew out numerous quotes and links to your projects, right? But spewing links and quotes doesn’t quite translate into dollars does it? Social media and the success that can follow by doing it correctly is really about building relationships. And relationship-building takes time AND who has any of that to spare nowadays? The answer, successful business owners who make relationship-building a priority.

Personally, I concentrate on the Big 3 of social media; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I am also a member of a couple Ning sites, but that’s really about it. I can’t do them all well, so I decided to limit my signups. Now, there are plenty others, but with having 3 blogs, 2 websites and off-line marketing duties, I figured this would be the right path for me to take.

People ask me how I do it and I tell them, I just do. It’s the truth, but I also have a plan. Now whether or not I stick to it 100% is the question! But, I do have one to fall back on.

While my husband/business partner was recouping from his stroke, I would wait for him in the Waiting Room. His therapy sessions usually lasted an hour, 3 times per week. I got into the habit of either writing articles or connecting with people in my social media circles while I was waiting.

At first, it was just a way to pass the time, but then I began to really see the benefit and started to reap some rewards. I started acquiring new friends and followers and really having conversations with different users. It was actually fun and enjoyable. I’ve used social media for a few years now, so I wasn’t new to it, but like other things that happen in life and business, it was really slipping on the To-Do List. But, I think that was because I really viewed it as work, not as an enjoyable activity.

So, as I started to look at the whole posting-following-relating process, it really became effortless, mostly. Now, that my husband’s therapy is ending, I find myself wanting to go onto those sites and connect with people and don’t feel that I “have to” in order for my business to run.

So, yes, I have time for social media. I make the time, not only because it’s what my business needs, it’s what I need…To be connected to other like-minded business people who are trying to find their way in this world of social media.

Question: How do you carve out the time for social media, or do you?



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