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Carol Dunlop, VP Marketing and Communications, Creative Services International, IncWhat started out as any other year for me, 2016 quickly morphed into an entire year of discovery. I went through so many changes and discovered so many facets of myself and my business that I lost count of all the great stuff that happened.

If I told you all of it was perfectly planned out and what happened in 2016 was the result of that plan, I would be straight out lying to you. At the start of 2016, I didn’t have a results-driven plan in place. I had dreams, wishes, and wants. Not exactly the stuff that $10k months are made of. In fact, the only solid action I had in place was a joint webinar with the Money Maven, Patrice Washington, as part of the Write Books That Sell Now team, and that wasn’t happening until late February. But, it was January 1st, 2016, what was I going to do for the next 60 days?

Have you been in that space? Where you know pretty much what you want, but have no idea how to formulate the plan to get there? Well, that was me. Yes WAS me, but not anymore. Now I have an overall strategic plan and several smaller plans that are set to fire off at different stages to help me get to my goal for 2017, which is to break the $100k mark.

It’s not that I haven’t achieved this goal before. When my husband was working his cushy job and we were running the business together, we easily cracked the $100k ceiling and went beyond several years in a row. But that was then and this is now.

Now, I’m embarking on an adventure that will put into play every single thing I learned over the past 12 months. Yes, my husband is still by my side, but now, it’s my turn to succeed on my own merit.

The first indicator that 2016 was going to be a different type of year for me was the results of the webinar with Patrice. When Candice L. Davis, Anita R. Henderson, and I launched the Write Books That Sell Now program on that webinar, we welcomed twenty students into our course, each paying $1,497 for the opportunity. WOW! Talk about a mind-blowing, ego-boosting, validation that we were on the right track! That experience was “All that and a bag of chips.”

Even though the webinar was a success, I wanted to feel those same incredible feelings for myself, for something that I created myself. I knew the only way to do that was to get the help I needed from others who had either already done it or were doing it at that moment and were willing to show me, step-by-step.

Well, I didn’t find a single source to help me, I found several. That’s so me, I can’t do one thing at a time. I have to immerse myself in several things at once. That’s just how I roll. But I learned from the best. I dove head first into every training, seminar, online and in-person event I could find. I hired coaches, purchased programs, and created the space and time for me to learn and absorb all that I needed to do to reach my goal.

un-market-cover12017I set my plan in motion by deciding to write my book, UN-Market Your Business: 10 Ways for Savvy Entrepreneurs to Stand Out, Stop Struggling, and Start Profiting. But I knew that the book wasn’t the end all and be all of my journey. From my time spent with Candice and Anita, it was embedded in my brain that the book was only the start of my strategic plan and that the finished book would lead me down the road of successfully cracking the $100k mark.

So here it is 2017, the year of action. Last year was all about learning and creating my success strategy. This year, 2017 is all about taking massive action.

My plan is in full swing. My new podcast, UN-Market Your Business premiered Thursday, January 12, 2017, and the Online Business Success Summit launched on January 30, 2017.

Can you tell I’m excited?

Now what about you? You’ve read my story about getting clear on what I wanted and creating a strategic plan to make it happen, what’s your plan? Do you need help getting clear on what you need to do to achieve your goal?

Great! I’m here to help you. I’ve put together the UN-Marketing Intensive, where we do a deep dive into the systems and processes you need to make your business work and start making real money. I’ll show you how to be the go-to-person for your clients, and help you help them to see a return on their investment.

Here’s the breakdown of what our intensive will include:

During our time together, we will examine where your marketing is falling short of bringing in clients that pay you what you are worth and develop a plan of action to stop that from happening in the future. You will walk away with a strategic plan that centers around each of my 4 Pillars of Online Business Success.

Together, we will create a plan for each pillar:

  • Content Marketing: nailing down the best content format for you to create and that your audience will resonate with
  • Email Marketing: knowing what to email to your subscribers when, how to increase your list, and how to automate the process
  • Social Media Marketing: deciding how to expand your followers and get them to convert to subscribers so you can really market to them
  • And also map out the steps to transform your website into a WOW! Website that gets and converts visitors into paying clients

Your strategic plan will include systems and programs that you need to put in place to make this all work. I will also make recommendations for programs, software, or services that you may need to implement.

You will have access to my 4 Pillars of Online Business Success Webinar series, valued at $297. And you will be able to follow up with me via email on any part of your strategic plan that you have questions, about for as long as you need to. No Limit.

This 90-minute session will be intense, but you will walk away knowing exactly what you need to do and how to implement everything. Because we will be going over a lot of information, I will be recording it and you will receive a copy of the recording so that you can review it whenever you need to. Plus, you will be able to follow along and take notes in your UN-Marketing Activation Guide that comes as part of the program.

Here’s the thing that makes this program exactly what you need it to be. Although we will be going over the 4 Pillars, we can concentrate on one over the other so that you walk away with exactly what you need to be successful going forward. Just let me know and I will customize it to what you want to do.

Your investment:

Once payment is made, you will be directed to my scheduling page where you can set up our session.
Then get ready to blast off and make 2018 your best year ever!

I didn’t get to this point by myself, I had help. The people that helped me had either already done what I wanted to do or were doing it at that very moment. Either way, they knew more than I did about how to get clear on what I needed to do, how to accomplish it, and what my next steps should be.

I want to help you achieve that type of clarity and direction.

Get started today on your success plan by investing in my UN-Marketing Intensive.

Right now, this offer is only available to a few, select folks, of which you are one. Don’t think about it, be about it and let’s set the wheels in motion on your year of action.

Your investment:

Once payment is made, you will be directed to my scheduling page where you can set up our session.
Then get ready to blast off and make 2018 your best year ever!

P.S. It took me 12 months to get clear on how to make my goals a reality, but you have the opportunity right now to get straight to the point, with me in my UN-Marketing Intensive. Can you afford to let another year pass by without reaching your goals? Get started today!

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