WordPress U-Episode 1- Learn How to Use All-in-One Event Calendar

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Listen to the Podcast:

Hey, Happy Tuesday to you!

Thank you for joining me for the first edition of WordPress U. I am your host, Carol Dunlop and I will be showing you some great information you can use on your WordPress website right away. Let’s get started.

:28: Tutorial for WordPress All-in-One Event Calendar Ok, the first tutorial I have for you is for All-in-One Event Calendar. It’s a great plugin, let’s take a look at it.

Time.Ly’s All-In-One Event Calendar is the most innovative and feature-friendly plugin for featuring and publishing events on your WordPress website.

The plugin can be started in one of two ways:

You can either download and install it from the WordPress Plugin directory and activate it, then you can upgrade to the free premium plugin via the download link or you can download it manually from Time.ly and upload it manually to your WordPress website.

One installed and activated, you must set up the calendar by following the link in the Pop-up notice or going to the Settings>Calendar in your WordPress dashboard.

In the calendar setup menu, you can customize the calendar with a range of options; including the desired page to display the calendar on and the default view of the calendar on your site.

When you are finished, update your settings and you’re ready to start publishing events.

Posting events is as easy as posting to a blog.

The All-In-One includes a sophisticated scheduling tool for recurring events that allow for even the most complex recurring patterns; such as the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

Along with location information, you can also choose to embed a Google map directly into your event details.

You can create color-coded categories for your events and tag them for easier search and filtration.

And one of the big NEW features of version 1.8 of the Premium plugin is the ability to import and export events directly to Facebook.

When you’re finished, you can preview or publish your event just like a blog post.

Calendar users can choose their desired view to see events, as well as create specifically filtered calendars based on interests by choosing categories and tags.

Users can subscribe to individual events or your entire calendar. Additionally, filtered calendars can be named and subscribed to. For example look up “Sports.” To import All-In-One calendar feeds into another, simply right-click on the subscribe button, copy the link address and go into your calendar feeds on your WordPress dashboard. Here you can paste the feed, categorize it, tag it and add it as a new subscription. Once added, refresh the feed, then update your settings. You will now receive all new events posted to this calendar feed.

The All-In-One calendar also includes an upcoming events widget that can be added to your site by going to Appearance>Widgets and dragging the Upcoming Events widget to the main sidebar.

The All-in-One Event Calendar is being used all over the world to help people, businesses and organizations to promote events and create more connected and vibrant communities.

For development inquiries visit help.time.ly and follow us on Twitter @_Timely for the latest updates on new features and releases.


OK, hope you got ideas from that, how to use the calendar, how to implement it. And if for some reason you are confused about all that stuff, you don’t know anything about WordPress or you want to and you’ve been wanting to get your web design going and you just haven’t had a chance yet, please contact us.

Go to www.csicorporation.com and click on the web design button. There you can see our portfolio of all the websites that we have created so far and we would love to create one for you. Just click on that button and you can get a free consultation within 48 hours. I’ll be looking for you, because I want to talk with you.

4:17: WordPress Twenty Twelve Theme offers NEW Features OK, next up is a review of the Twenty-Twelve theme that comes with WordPress when you originally install it. And this review is by AntiSocial.com www.kimwoodbridge.com.

In her review, she points out some things about the new Twenty-Twelve theme that are really pretty kewl, and I wanted to go over them with you.

Custom Header

  • Instead of having to upload a new image, you can use an image from your media library, so that saves you a lot of time. You can upload the images all at once and just choose one for your header.
  • There is also a feature where you can upload a number of images and have a different header each time (or on each page).

The Theme is also Mobile Ready: That means that it will resize itself automatically to display on any device: Android, PC, Mac, Tablet, iPhone, no matter what. So rest assured that your theme will be able to be seen on any device that your user uses.

Front Page Template: This last piece of information is really good, because you can now have a Front Page template in case you don’t want to display your blog on the front page and you actually want to make a page, you can use this and have a front page template and a separate blog; so that now you can use this more as a content management system. And this theme is free and included inside WordPress when it first loads up, so you don’t have to go looking for another theme, if you don’t want to.

OK, that’s all for today.

Join me again next Tuesday!



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