3 Key Steps Entrepreneurs Need in Email Marketing

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Email marketing for entrepreneurs

The whole concept of email marketing seems easy enough, right? Create an email about your product or service, send it out to your subscribers, and then watch the orders start to roll in. What could be easier than that?

But wait? What’s that sound you hear every time you send email out—nothing. That sound is the dead silence of ignoring your precious email that you’ve spent a lot of time creating. Worse yet, when you look at your stats for that email, not only didn’t your audience buy, they didn’t even bother to open it. What?! This can’t be, you scream inside your head.

Unfortunately, this scenario happens all too often in the marketing world—your world. Because no matter what product or service you’re selling, that product or service isn’t your number one job. Your number one job is to be a Marketer. If you don’t market, your business doesn’t survive.

Email marketing is the most effective way to communicate with your audience and get them to buy, but it really ain’t easy. There 3 keys that you, as an entrepreneur, who’s really a marketer, must keep in mind.

1. Your headline must speak to what your audience wants

Once the headline catches them, you continue that theme inside the email so they continue reading, then take action. Getting your audience to purchase or take action is all about giving them what they want NOT what they need.

Sounds odd right? You’ve been told all this time to find a need that your audience has and fill it with your product or service. That’s a great sentiment, only it doesn’t work in the real world of getting potential clients to actually purchase.

Why? Because people buy what they WANT, not what they need.

For example: If you are a personal chef and you want to sell to busy moms, you have to create products or services that solve their problem. Their number one problem is creating nutritious meals for their family that they can prepare quickly and easily.

If you try to sell them recipes that include an hour of prep time and 20-plus ingredients, you’re missing the point and you’ll be missing out on sales. Yes, your meals may be nutritious, but your audience won’t see past the amount of time it will take to prepare them.

Remember, they’re busy and they don’t have a lot of time. You’ll need to revamp your recipes to accommodate their needs, then they’ll WANT to buy from you because:

  • You understand WHAT they want
  • You’re giving them what they NEED

2. Remember that buying is emotional and impulsive

Your audience has issues and problems and they don’t want to continue to suffer, they want a solution and they want it now. Their pain is symptomatic of a problem they haven’t yet found a solution for . . . until now.

You ARE the solution.

Whether it’s the ability to write copy that sells, create a weight loss program that works or designing a strategy that helps them attract more clients; you have a solution they want and will pay for.

Imagine the feeling of joy and accomplishment your audience will have when they are able to reach their goal. Even better, imagine how awesome you’ll feel when you know that they were able to reach their goal because of you!

Even if they weren’t thinking of purchasing; when they find a way to stop their pain, they WILL jump on it, and buy.

That’s the power of email marketing.

Did you know that people are 70% more likely to purchase from an email over a post or a tweet? Email marketing is powerful because you are able to provide information to someone who has already raised their hand and shown interest in you by subscribing to your list.

3. Understand why NOT emailing isn’t an option.

There are plenty of options that your audience is exposed to every single day. If you don’t email your audience on a regular basis, they WILL forget about you. Out of sight, Out of mind.

Don’t allow your absence to become your loss.

But how do you put all this information together into a plan of action that works? I’ve developed a way to not only get your audience to open your emails, but also get them to open their wallet and buy from you.

If you are feeling stuck with your email marketing, we need to chat. Schedule your Online WOW! Assessment and together we’ll look over your email marketing so we can stop the client leeks and get you on the road to success!



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