Almost Halloween!

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I am so excited, it’s almost Halloween!

Not because of the holiday itself, but what comes AFTER the holiday…shopping.

Yes, it’s that time again. When people literally lose their mind attempting to find the “perfect gift” for that special someone. I’m sure you’ve noticed the not-so-subtle hints of the upcoming shopping season. The music plays behind every commercial and all the stores are breaking out their enticing holiday displays bit by bit.

This is a different time for me because up until last year this time, I was heading into the holidays with a totally different focus. In my previous life as a personal trainer, the “eating season,” as I call it was a time of stress and strain for me. I was constantly warning my followers to be careful about what there were putting into their bodies and to be aware of all the food traps. Now, of course, you should heed that same advice because taking care of your health IS a top priority, but this year I’m going into the holidays feeling honored that I can assist business owners like you to rock this holiday buying season and get all the clients you WANT to work with!

Here are 3 strategies you can use right now to make sure you’re ready when your ideal prospects start buying.

  1. Clean Up Your Profiles

The profiles on your social media accounts serve as your virtual business card. Make sure ALL the pertinent information is there so that when your ideal prospect stops by to check you out, they see exactly what they’re looking for, instead of blank space.

There are places to insert your website (which is clickable), your phone number, who you work with, and even your address. Plus, you can also include client-getting information such as the benefits of working with you and your clients’ expected outcome.

The Bottom-line:

Give your ideal prospect enough tantalizing information that they want more. More means they click through to your website.

  1. Optimize Your Website

I see your eyes rolling because you just read that word “optimize.” It’s one of the most misunderstood words on the Internet. But all it means is to prep for traffic, essentially.

Take a look at your website, meaning EVERY SINGLE PAGE—through your ideal prospect’s eyes. Look at it as if you’re brand new:

  • Can you find what you’re looking for? Or do you have to hunt and click?
  • Does the navigation make sense? Is it clear or do you have to think about what each tab means before you click?
  • Do your words convince YOU that you solve YOUR problem? Or is it just a bunch of syllables grouped together in a paragraph or two?
  • Are your graphics relevant, impactful and on-point? Or do they just take up valuable space?

Take a look at your website, as if you’re brand new.

The Bottom-line:

Your website is your business hub; it’s where everything happens and where your ideal prospect comes to learn more about you. They should leave your website confident that they’ve found answers instead of confused and still searching.

  1. Give BEFORE You Ask

You have tons of knowledge and people want it. But, unless they know you’re out there and know that you possess this awesome knowledge, NOTHING happens.

The solution…give them a sample, for FREE. When they arrive on your website AND in your social media posts, tell your ideal prospects all about your Free; report, checklist, resource or tutorial that does 3 things:

  • Shows them YOU ARE the expert
  • Allows them to experience working with you
  • Previews the results that are possible

Now don’t get me wrong, just because you offer a “sample” or something for “free” doesn’t mean that its cheap, less-than or something you give away to junk up your ideal prospect’s hard drive. There’s enough of that out there already.

This gift has to be a valuable, authentic, crunchy, great piece of your goodness that your ideal prospect “gets to” experience, at no cost. It is a privilege for them to receive this information. THAT’S the mindset you have when you create it and THAT’s the mindset you project when you present it to them to download. And in return, THAT is the way they’ll feel when they put this awesomeness into practice. And they have no one but YOU to thank for it.

Now of course, accessing this piece of info has a price (because nothing is really free now is it?). And the price is their name and email address. (You should also ask for their phone number, but don’t make it “required.”)

The Bottom-line:

You give awesome information to your hungry ideal prospect. They pay you back by gifting you with their contact information. Then you shower them with even more loving attention with your follow up – more on that later J

There you have it, 3 actionable strategies to ensure that your ideal prospects beat a path to your door and can’t wait to work with you!

But here’s the thing. These steps are the middle segment of your marketing plan. You have to get your ideal prospects to notice you first.

How do you do that? With social media marketing.

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If you’ve been posting and posting, but not getting clients, it’s time to commit to a new approach.

What’s that saying? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of INSANITY!

STOP the Insanity with my new program Social Media Success Strategy.

With this program you’ll discover how to find your ideal prospects and what to post so they’ll click to find out more about you and what you offer.

—> check out how to use social media marketing to get all the clients you WANT to work with <—

Here’s wishing you a happy and profitable holiday shopping season.



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