Cold-calling is Dead. So What Now?

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Cold-calling is dead

There are scores of salespeople out there right now who swear by cold-calling. I remember reading how one business owner started her very successful company with only a Yellow Pages directory and a phone. I was so impressed with her story that I decided to do it myself.

Alas, my success only lasted about 20 minutes. What I discovered was that I HATED cold-calling. I don’t have a thick skin and I really don’t want to take the time to try and convince the caller on the other end not to hang up on me. It was a lesson in futility, for me anyway.

But I realized that I don’t have to cold-call anyone else, ever again. Did you hear me? EVER!

Why? Because I use social media. Boy, am I glad that social media marketing exists. If you’re like me, you’ll be happy too. Read on because I’m going to show you 3 ways you can use social media to relegate cold-calling to the status it should have—as a relic of the past.

  1. Search and Follow

Any of the social media platforms allow you to search for and find your ideal prospects/clients. It’s called following, liking, or connecting. You are just a couple clicks away from getting to know someone you want to find out more about. Simply click on their name or handle and then wait for them to approve you. In some cases, it’s instantaneous, in others, you have to wait. If they don’t approve you, don’t let that knock you off track, search for them on another platform. Some people have strict guidelines about who they will accept on certain platforms and others are pretty open.

If you really want to learn more about how your ideal prospects/clients think and what their pain points are, go to their website and get on their mailing or newsletter list.

  1. Meet and Greet

Once you’re in their tribe, you will begin to learn their needs and wants. You may even notice some shortcomings or ways that you can be of service to them. Being of service can take the form of alerting them to the fact that a particular link isn’t working or letting them know that you are head over heals for their last email you received. People always want to know how you’re consuming their content and if it’s hitting the mark.

You can also comment on their social media posts, share, like, and favorite their content and best of all, make relevant comments on their blog posts.

Take it one step further by planning to meet them at their next live event or a local meet-up or organizational meeting they are attending. Make it a point to be where they are. You can learn all this information from following their social media postings.

  1. Share and Expose

Now that you’ve started following your ideal prospects/clients and you’ve most likely met them and engaged with them personally, it’s time to expose them to the world. Your world. It’s so simple to share information about your “soon-to-be” clients to your followers. A couple clicks and you’re done. But you need to take it a step further to cement your relationship by tagging your “soon-to-be” clients in your shared content. Doing this shows them that you are paying attention and that you like or agree with the content they’re sharing. It puts you on their radar, which is exactly where you want to be.

Your ideal prospects/clients are now looking at you and what you do. And they are more likely to turn to you to help them solve their problem or get rid of a pain point that’s been plaguing them for a while.

What’s the moral of this story? You don’t have to cold-call strangers and hope to sell them something, all the while praying that they don’t hang up on you before you get to the pitch. YUK!

Instead, you can build relationships with your “soon-to-be” clients by getting to know them and how what you offer can help them do what they do better.

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