The Cost of Becoming Author of

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The Cost of Becoming Author of

Writing a book is not for the faint of heart. I say that only because it’s true. A lot, and I do mean a lot, of time, effort, and money goes into it.

Hold up, did I say it takes a lot of money? I did. However, money is measured in different ways. You see, if you count your time as an investment, then that equals money, right? If you count your experience as an asset, that equals money also, correct?

You get where I’m going with this? All of it, meaning your experience, your time, your money, your knowledge, and your expertise goes into creating your book. When you look at it that way, yes, you’re investing a lot. And since you’re putting so much of you into this project, you want to make sure that it’s the best it can be and reaches the success level that you’ve dreamed about.

There are 3 ways to write a book.

  1. The Easy Way

You watch some videos on YouTube to get the basics and then you sit down and write. You could possibly have that book done in a weekend and uploaded to Amazon by Monday.

Could it be a best seller? Maybe. But the reality is that most self-published authors sell less than 200 books over the lifetime of the book. Not exactly the “author of” scenario you were hoping for, huh?

  1. The Hard Way

You roll the idea for your book around in your head for years and years. You may even break down a couple of times and write a chapter or two. But for the most part, the ideas never leave your brain.

You stay stuck in writer’s block or you spend the majority of your time in research mode. This is when you’re at the library or on Google searching and researching, but never actually pulling the trigger.

Days, months, and years go by without much progress. Your friends and loved ones constantly ask you, “How’s the book coming along?” You don’t have a satisfying answer, and you wind up avoiding the subject all together.

  1. The Right Way

This is what I did. I got help and direction from experts who have already written books (plural, with an S). And they were willing to help me through the parts where I was stuck:

  • Not knowing what to write
  • Not knowing how to get the ideas out of my head
  • Not knowing how to end a chapter, or the book for that matter

I’m talking about the Write Books That Sell Now digital course and the awesome team that comes with it.

But. Wait. Aren’t you? . . .Yes, I am a part of the Write Books That Sell Now team. My expertise is marketing, specifically WOW! Websites and social media, but I knew nothing about writing and publishing a book, until I met Anita and Candice.

I put into practice the first four modules of our course. That’s the reason I can proudly say that my book is now going through the editing phase and will be published before Fall 2017 is over. And you best believe that it’s a great book and I’m very proud to add my name to it.

I want you to experience the same joy, satisfaction, and pride that are washing over me this very moment.

You deserve it!

After all, you’ve tried Easy, or at least thought about it. You’ve been living with Hard, and that isn’t working either. So now, let’s do things the Right way. Check out the free author training and let’s get you to “author of.”

P.S. One of the great things about our course is that it is designed to help you write your book in 90 days. You can still finish your book before the end of 2017.

Let’s get started!



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