How Far Will Your Faith Take You?

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How Far Will Your Faith Take You?

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we all have to deal with maintaining a certain level of faith, both in ourselves and in the forces that surround us. I am definitely a believer in holding tight to my faith in God and all that He has blessed me with, but I am also full of faith in me.

Aaaah, that’s where the rubber meets the road. . . our faith in ourselves and what we are capable of doing now, in our next steps, and most certainly our plans to go to the next level. All of it requires faith, but how strong is your faith in yourself? And will that be enough to sustain you on this journey of entrepreneurship?

It Takes A Village

A while ago, I wrote a post about how we aren’t in this alone and how we should embrace and be comforted by the fact that it takes a village for us to be successful. I also wrote about how big of a role #Sistership plays in our individual success and how we can and should work together to ensure success.

But what about when it’s just you and your thoughts? You know those thoughts that creep up on you in the middle of the night and lay right beside you as they begin to take over your resting mind? They come to sabotage, to weaken, and to take away your power. They tell you things like “you’re not good enough,” “you’ll never be a success,” “you’re a fraud” and that sooner rather than later, “you’ll have to give up, give in, and go back to being an employee.”

At first you can fight them off, but as they return nightly, you begin to believe that nonsense. You may even go as far as actually looking at some job sites or even begin the process of setting up an interview.

Why? You know you don’t belong in the employee world, but it seems to you that there’s no other way and nothing else that you can do. You’re wrong!

This moment is when you have to dig deep into your resolves and bring your faith up front and center. This is the point where it all counts, where nothing else matters but you achieving a success, any success at this point. Why not call up some previous clients to see how they’re doing and see if they need help with anything? What about going through your testimonials and read the glowing remarks with fresh eyes?

These actions strengthen your faith and solidify your resolve to keep going. The Bible says “Faith without works is dead,” James 2:14. And so it goes with the faith you have inside for yourself.

Don’t allow setbacks, disappointments, and missed opportunities to stop you from moving forward. Willie Jolley says that a “setback is a setup for a comeback.”

I believe that wholeheartedly!

So fuel your faith with action, there is an audience of people waiting for you to present your problem-solving techniques, services, and products to them. Don’t let them down; you could be their only answer.

Similarly, if you’re unsure of how to move forward in your business to get your online presence to bring in clients, we need to talk. Schedule your Online WOW! Assessment with me so we can look at what you are doing online and see where you are missing the mark on attracting clients and figure out what you can do to stop it.



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