Fill Your Client Roster From Other People’s Audience

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Fill Your Client Roster From Other Peoples Audience

One of the struggles for women entrepreneurs is finding clients. Those pesky clients can seem quite elusive, but I’ve found a simple way to find the exact clients I want to work with, grouped together, and ready to say “Yes.”

I use other people’s audience to find and work with the clients who are perfect for my business.

I’ve been using this strategy to get new clients for some time now. I refer to it as the OPA (Other People’s Audience) concept. Using other people’s online groups to get clients for your business is an UN-Marketing way to solidify your expertise and get in front of people who need the services and products you provide.

You Have to See It to Believe It

Cynthia and I met in a Facebook group for entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, she had never considered putting her energies into getting clients from her online engagement. That is, until

I shared with her how I treasure hunted in Facebook groups to find my ideal clients. I explained how this strategy made it virtually impossible for my prospects to fail to notice me, and it led them to want to learn more about how I could help them.

She hired me and agreed to try out this UN-Marketing strategy, so we created a plan of action for her. Cynthia decided that she would focus on five Facebook groups that she had already joined. She was pretty certain she could connect with her ideal prospects in any or all of these groups. She followed my instruction to seek out people who were asking for the type of help she provides in her business.

In less than a month, Cynthia had acquired a new client and had three prospects on her schedule for strategy sessions. She was so amazed at how simple the process was. In fact, she was able to convert some of the time she spent surfing the Internet for fun into time that she spent surfing for new clients.

I am facilitating a Facebook Live training on Friday, February 23, 2018 at 11:30am. You are most definitely invited. In this free, live training, I will share with you the exact tips, tricks, and techniques you need to you to get client using Facebook groups. In addition, by clicking this link, you’ll receive a free cheat sheet to help you get started quickly.



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