How One Smart Move Leads to Lots of Clients

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Everyone wants to be on the popular team. Why? Because that’s where all the action is. That’s the team that gets the kudos, attention, and accolades. Jumping on the “Hot Trends” is similar to being in the popular team. Not only is everyone talking about that trend, they’re also thinking about it constantly because they can’t get away from being reminded of how hot it actually is. Think of that song that you find yourself humming over and over again. You can’t get it out of your head. Why? Because everywhere you turn, it’s playing!

Since everyone’s talking about and thinking about what’s hot, it’s to your advantage to make the one smart move of jumping on the hot trend of the moment.

By inserting your business, your brand, and your relevant content into the “what’s trending?” mix, you are setting yourself up for success.

Look at it this way, if your target audience is thinking about and talking about a trending topic, it makes perfect sense that they’ll be more likely to click on your carefully-crafted, trend-embracing post. If for no other reason than to see your perspective and of course to learn more, because they are curious.

Where Are The Trends?

If you’re worried about where you’ll find these trending topics to hop onto, look no further than your own social media newsfeed. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Google showcase the hottest trends on their platforms each and every day.

How To Take Advantage of Trending Topics

Trending topics are like the huge waves in the ocean that surfers live for. Once they see a big one coming in, they scramble to catch it and ride it all the way in to the shore. You’re exposed to the trending waves or stories all the time, but you probably hadn’t thought about how you can use those stories to benefit your business, until now.

Remember the story about the little girl dancing at her recital singing “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.,” by Aretha Franklin?


A father posted the footage on Facebook to share with family and friends, but he never expected the reaction would be that the post and video would be a Hot Trending Topic. You couldn’t turn on a TV or open your newsfeed without seeing that story again and again. Savvy entrepreneurs jumped on that trend and rode it all the way to the bank. As evidenced by the fact that the video above is from a TV station that sourced one of hundreds of YouTube accounts to use to display the video.

Here are two examples of how to jump on a Hot Trend as an entrepreneur;

If you were a dance instructor or owner of a studio, you could post about how dancing gives kids the confidence to be awesome, like this little girl and offer a discount coupon to try your services.

If you are a parenting coach, you could use this video as an example of how doing something so small as being at your child’s recital, videotaping it, and then posting it to show your friends, is a way to be a super awesome parent in your child’s eyes. Then invite parents to a free session with you.

Those are just two examples of jumping on the popular team and riding the wave, but there are so many more.

Discover How

The How-To-Tutorials show you step-by-step how to find the trends that are the right fit for your business and then explain how to jump on them and ride them all the way to the bank.

Watch the video below to discover the biggest problem with trends and how to fix it.


Download your Hot Trends Checklist now.

If you want to learn more about how to jump on the hot trends and ride them to the bank, schedule an Online WOW! Assessment with me. Together, we’ll look at your website and your online presence to see where you’re missing out on clients and what you can do to stop that immediately.



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