High Converting Landing Page Example: Client Spotlight

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landing page example


Recently, one of CSI’s amazing clients, Lougenia Trailblazer Rucker of Divine Diamonds Ministries, released her new landing page that promotes her 10th Anniversary All White Diamond Weekend Experience. We are honored to be a part of the celebration, both behind the scenes, putting the marketing machine together, and as an integral part of the event. We can’t wait to see it all come to fruition.

In addition to being extremely proud of the finished product, the landing page, I wanted to take this opportunity to break down what makes this landing page example work to sell tickets and give you a behind-the-scenes tour. And also provide you with important take-aways that you can apply to your own high converting landing page.

Every sales page or landing page has a story. Not only a story that plays out on the actual page to get you to purchase, but there’s also a behind-the-scenes story that connects the reader/viewer with the organization so they can’t help but to fall in love with you and your brand.

Client landing page example - opening statement

The Opening Statement Area

When you first load the page, you are greeted by the beautiful stardust effect and then you see the essence of the event, the logo that represents the 10th Anniversary All White Diamond Weekend Experience. Immediately, you know you’re about to dive into awesomeness.

Take-Away #1: The opening statement needs to draw the user in. Most of the time, a headline is used that speaks to the problem. But in this case, the image portrays what the page and the event are all about.


“Why should I care?” That’s the question most people are asking as they pass the opening statement area. If you’re marketing to your target audience, they’ll care because they know that the information this page represents will assist them in solving their problem. As long as you present it in the right way, they will oblige and purchase tickets.

However, if the people who are viewing the page aren’t in your target audience, all I can say is good luck. Because that’s what you’ll need in order to convert them.

Now back to the example page . . .

Client landing page example - what is happening when

As you move down the page, the story begins to unfold as to what this event is and why you need to be there. You get the truest sense that this is indeed a celebration ten years in the making. And, if you have questions as to what’s happening during the weekend, the agenda is laid out as to who is doing what, when.



Client landing page example - personal video invitation

If you were in doubt that you needed to be in the place, Apostle Lougenia herself, appears on video to deliver to you the story, mission, and purpose of both the Divine Diamonds Ministries and the celebratory event.

Take-Away #2: Video is the next best thing to being there LIVE with your reader, as they go through the elements on the page. When they see your video, your viewers are able to envision that you are actually giving them a personal invitation to attend.


In the video, you need to come across as authentic as possible. The best way to ensure that your people purchase tickets is to be yourself. The number one reason is that everyone else is taken. But more importantly, you want to allow your real, true self to show so that your audience has the opportunity to get to know and fall in love with you.

After the video, you see the first “Buy Button.” This is a great spot because now that you’ve told your audience what the event is and why they should attend, it’s time to seal the deal and ask for the sale.

Take-Away #3: Asking for the sale involves a delicate balance of when to ask and making sure the prospect has enough information to make a buying decision.

Client landing page example - the players

The next sections introduce you to the powerhouse speakers and other participants. Apostle Lougenia made it a point to include the State where everyone hails from because she wants you to know where her connections are and how far they come to support her.

Take-Away #4: People want to associate with other people of greatness. Showcase your connections both near and far.


Client landing page example - the honorees

The Gala would not be what it is without a celebration of the Queens and King of Excellence. These are the graduates of the Game-Changer program, all of whom are showcased in the Award Recognition section.


Take-Away #5: People do business with people they Know, Like, and Trust. Most important to remember, non one really wants to be the first to do something. Showcasing others who have completed your program allows the next candidate to say “YES!” quicker. Plus, when people see themselves showcased, they are more apt to share with their friends, followers, and loved ones. This will bring more eyeballs and possible attendees to your event page.


This section ends with a question – “Will you be next for 2020?” Putting the idea in the reader’s mind that the possibility exists that this could be them next year.

Client landing page example - sponsors

The two final sections encompass the business end of the event. Showcasing sponsors and giving homage to the venue where the event is taking place.

Client landing page example - sponsor invitation

Take-Away #6: Sponsors are important. They provide the funds to make the event bigger and better than you can alone. You can’t have too many, so make sure you showcase and thank them. Similarly, giving the venue props lets them know you appreciate them and that they are part of the team as well.


Finally, we added the event promotion flyer, along with the social media sharing buttons.

Client landing page example - flyer and social sharing

Take-Away #7: When people see the sharing buttons, they will share. Those sharers can act as an army of promoters who you don’t have to pay.


This project was a joy to work on and I definitely feel that it turned out beautifully. But, like any other marketing piece, this is only part of the marketing machine for this event. As I always say about your website, “All roads lead to your website.” In this case, all roads lead to this high converting landing page.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this behind-the scenes tour. If you have an event to market and you want to set up a landing page to showcase it and sell tickets, let’s chat. I would love to assist you in creating the story behind your event and bringing it to life online. Schedule your free Online WOW! Assessment and let’s see how we can tell your story.

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