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I’m showcasing and interviewing Beryl Pleasants, Chief Style Consultant for her company Style with Aplomb and sponsor for the UN-Market Your Business podcast. Beryl helps women and men entrepreneurs to look their best without having to spend hours in front of their closet deciding what to wear.

About Beryl

I started my own image consulting company, Style With Aplomb, because I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs, business professionals, and people in transition who use their image to further their success. Having lived each of those roles myself, I know what it takes to make a first impression that will get you the business. Aplomb means confidence and I give clients the tools they need to confidently present themselves at their best.”– Beryl Pleasants

Find your unique style and you will never again agonize over what to wear. For a FREE 15-minute conversation to see how Style with aplomb can change your image and move you to greater success, give Beryl a call at 404.428.2527 or Visit StyleWithAplomb.com

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