My Book is Being Written Now

An author’s journey is full of surprises and can’t be dictated or put into a box.

I just had to put that out there as a reassurance that I’m on the right track. If you’ll remember, I started this journey and decided to chronicle it, at the end of 2014. Well, here it is Q2 2016 and I’m just getting around to continuing it.

Thank goodness there wasn’t anything bad that happened to push my author journey off track, it was just that thing called Life. And even though I did actually become a published author, by way of my collaborative book with Anita Henderson and Candice L. Davis, Write Books that Sell Now, the Book, it still wasn’t the book I initially wanted or needed to write.

Not that it wasn’t a good book, it is! Or that it wasn’t a beneficial book for my audience, it definitely is! It just wasn’t my book. Now, that all changes.

I’m finally writing my book, the one that is bugging me so bad and exploding inside of me to get out.

It’s the right time to do it, because I feel it deep inside. You know that little Aha! Moment, followed by the silence of knowing?

So here we go!

I have my working title and outline done and I had my first meeting with my publisher, Anita Henderson of the Write Your Life Coaching program. It was amazing! That’s really all I can say because it truly was. And in true “Anita Henderson” fashion, once we got off the call, she sent me resources and cheat sheets that I’ll need to get stared with to flesh out my ideas, along with a writing plan, Q&A sheet and thought-provoking questions to nail down my unique, perfect reader.

When I looked at that email, with the attachments, I must admit I almost went into overwhelm. When I asked myself why? I really didn’t have an answer because it wasn’t like I didn’t know that I needed to work through all this “stuff.” Or even that I hadn’t heard about or seen most of it because of my involvement with the Write Books That Sell Now course and our podcast of the same name. But I think it was because in one single moment, it all became very real.

I am Writing MY BOOK!

That moment was both satisfying and scary at the same time. And I welcomed it. After that, I got over the initial shock.

The next steps are to write, write, write. I’m giving myself until the end of July to complete the writing. I have 3 days to get my schedule together, then its nose to the grindstone.

I’ll come up for air and let you know how it’s going.



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