Sell More This Holiday Shopping Season

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Sell More This Holiday Shopping Season

“Good Gravy!” It’s an expression I often use when I see things are getting just a little crazy. And that is exactly what’s happening in the shopping world right now. It’s only November 13 and advertisers are already talking about Pre Black Friday sales. I guess I had better get my credit cards ready for the onslaught of “savings” coming my way.

What about you and your business? Are you prepared to sell more this holiday season?

There is one simple step you can make right now to pave the way for more zeros added to your bank balance. And that is to help your clients do what they do better. Once they see you as the answer to their prayers for help and the one solution to their problem, you won’t be able to stop them from pulling out their credit card to start working with you.

Just how am I going to accomplish this Carol?

Thank you for asking, I have the answer you’re looking for and that is to provide them with the content they’re looking for that helps them do what they do even better. It won’t take you long to set it up, but it will pay off for you again and again.

Use to help your clients be better at what they do

Make yourself become an invaluable resource to your clients by helping them be better at what they do. Use and your blog to become an awesome SHERO in your clients’ eyes.

  1. Use to bookmark links that contain the information your clients need and are looking for: recipes, tutorials, articles, etc.
  2. Once you have 10 articles, create a short summary, 75-100 words for each one.
  3. Write a Round up post, which means all the articles are in a list. The list contains the article headline, along with the actual link to the article and your synopsis.
  4. Turn this list into a blog post with an awesome title.
  5. Share the blog on your social media platforms.
  6. Ninja Tip: Choose your most ideal clients or prospects and share the link directly with them using Facebook Messenger or via their email address.

Now, you really are helping your clients to be better at what they do. And they have no one but little ole’ you to thank for it.

Want more ideas about where to find great content to share with your audience so they see you as the expert? Download my 15 AllTime Free Resources guide.



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