The Power of Collaboration

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The Power of Collaboration

September is all about collaboration and the harvest it brings to your business.

It’s time to reflect back on the present year and maybe even years before to examine what has happened and how it has affected your business growth.

–> Check out my article on LinkedIn which showcases 20 of my expert colleagues and clients giving their best networking tips.

For me, collaboration and networking has been the biggest factors in the growth of my business. (link to collab article on blog) I say “my,” but it’s really “our,” because I co-own and am a co-Founder of this business, Creative Services International, with my husband Alvin. He’s always been a source of support, innovation, and a voice of reason, so I don’t want to leave him out. However, I’m the face and voice, and the one who’s in the public eye. But don’t get it twisted, NOTHING would work, run, or do anything else without his magic touch.

My very first collaboration came as a result of networking. I wanted to create a job fair for people in my church who were in need of employment. I figured the best way to do that would be to attend an actual job fair. I asked around and found one that was happening and made plans to attend. Although the job fair never came to fruition, I did meet the love of my life, my husband, Alvin, and entered into the collaboration of my life—my marriage and business of 25 years. Talk about major wins!

Alvin and I have weathered many storms, met and worked with hundreds of business owners, have been a part of major and minor technology gains and losses along with supporting each other along this life journey.

I can honestly say that through my 25 years in business, I’ve been able to meet and work with some of the most innovative and exciting business owners ever. Each person and business owner I’ve come into contact with, has blessed and enlightened me in some way. And none of this would have happened if I had not been open to collaborating and networking with others.

Through networking and collaboration, I’ve been able to accelerate business growth, innovate the way I do business, and uncover resources, tips, and tricks that I would never have been privy to. I feel that you learn by doing, failing, and doing it again, only better the next time.

If I hadn’t been open to networking and collaborating, I would have missed out on:

  • Speaking in Washington D.C. at the Veterans Conference 2018
  • Speaking at and now sponsoring the I.F.T. Conference: 2016, 2017, and 2018
  • Being a team member and now sponsor for Lougenia Trailblazer Rucker’s Black Tie Gala
  • Becoming the marketing mind behind Write Books That Sell Now
  • Serving as VP of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships and a member of the board for ProWIN
  • Serving on the board as the Committee Chair for Social Media for Atlanta Women’s Network
  • Helping my clients achieve $5k, $6k, and $7k launches, programs, and income
  • Launching several money-making Joint Venture programs

Are you taking advantage of networking and collaboration opportunities?

Check out my latest collaboration project with Althea McIntyre, How to CRUSH the 4 Sabotaging Beliefs that STOP Christian Women Entrepreneurs from Prospering

If you’re ready to experience networking and collaboration at it’s best, check out Celebrating Connections 2018.



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