The UN-Marketing Nation is Waiting for You

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The UN-Marketing Nation is Waiting for You

Finally, after a year plus of planning, writing, and strategizing, my book, UN-Market Your Business: 10 Ways for Savvy Entrepreneurs to Stand Out, Stop Struggling, and Start Profiting, is here—well almost. The actual launch date is Monday, October 30, 2017.

I’m so excited and proud and overjoyed and a bunch of other feelings that I can’t put into words.

Before I share with you WHY you should get this book and discover my marketing strategies for small business, I want to say THANK YOU to the key people who helped to make this book possible.

  • Anita R. Henderson of An excellent author coach who kept me on track and relevant to the ideas I wanted to share.
  • Candice L. Davis of Editor extraordinaire, she helped me format my words, phrases, and thoughts into real, grammatically-correct, sentences that never lost the essence of my authentic voice.
  • My Beta Readers: June Cline, Myra McElhaney, Sandy Weaver, and Nicole Antoinette Smith

These ladies brought ideas, comments, suggestions, and explanations to my attention that helped me tighten-up and sharpen-up the content in the entire book. The neat thing about their input is that each person saw something different or made comments and provided input on ideas that the other person did not. It all came together like a hit song.

  • My Biz You Can Use subscribers, UN-Market Your Business Facebook group members and social media followers.

Without this group of people, most whom I’ve never met in person, the book would look and feel totally different. My followers and subscribers helped me choose the perfect cover, submitted quotes, and assisted with several concepts in the book that were unclear or needed just a bit of smoozing.

I talk and teach about clarity, but everyone needs a little help sometimes. I am thankful for my peeps who only want the best for me.

  • Last, but in no way least, I am thankful for my husband, BFF4Life, and best-est friend, Alvin R. Dunlop, Jr. He was there for all the tears, fears, and triumphs. And he continues to be my Number One cheerleader and fan.

OK, enough of the gushy stuff LOL.

But, for real, without this village, this book would not have materialized. I am eternally grateful to my “village” for their care, concern, and assistance.

UN-Market Your BusinessNow that you know what it took to get the book produced, here’s why you should get it:

  1. 10 strategies that really work to show you step-by-step how to market your book successfully and turn you into a client magnet.
  2. Insider secrets you can customize and use right now to put your business on the road to success.
  3. 20 plus years of insights about marketing that won’t cost an arm and a let, but will work.
  4. Tips, tricks, and hacks from me that I use now, have used, and will use to stand out from the crowd and stand above the rest of the businesses that offer similar services.
  5. Case studies from my real-life clients detailing how they used my strategies to craft successes in their business and create true paydays.
  6. More than just the WHY and the WHAT, this book shows you HOW, in great detail.

Buy UN-Market Your Business Book Now

As a special gift for purchasing now and for being in my tribe, I’m gifting you the ebook version. You’ll be able to access both once the book launches on October 30th.

One more surprise—I just can’t help myself. When you submit your order during this pre-launch campaign, I’ll send you the first 3 chapters right away.

Of course this is all because you’re an extra special part of what I’m doing and I want to show my appreciation for your patronage and support.

Buy UN-Market Your Business Book Now

What are you waiting for? You should be clicking the link right now to put in your order so you can get your awesome bonuses.

  • The eBook version
  • The first 3 chapters

I already know you’re going to love this book. I mean, I put my heart and soul into it, plus over 23 years of marketing knowledge.



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