Women’s History Month – Day 11

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Celeste Jonson

I’ve only known Celeste Jonson for almost a year, but she’s made a big impact in my life already. I’ve been able to work with her on two separate projects, plus she was recently the featured speaker for our first luncheon of the year at ProWIN. Each time I have worked with her or heard her speak has been amazing. Her caring, concern, and gratitude for the wonders of life shine through her every word. The special thing that stands out for me is the vision board that I created at her Visionboard party. Its sitting directly in front of my desk, so every day I am reminded of the goals that I set for myself and my business and that makes me push forward that much harder.

From birth in an ambulance in the midst of a tornado through today, Celeste Jonson stirs things up with energy and daring people to “think possible” everywhere she goes.

As a transformational speaker & coach, Celeste is an expert at energizing and inspiring people to fully utilize their God-given gifts and personal power to facilitate transformations in their lives and those they lead.  She brings a compelling and engaging message to those who seek to grow and optimize their success.

Celeste has been a keynote speaker or trainer at conferences, seminars, and private meetings across the U.S. and other countries including Japan, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana.  Her greatest asset is her passion for inspiring and challenging people to raise the bar on their personal performance and collective results.  She is not limited however, to inspired “motivational” speaking.  Celeste also delivers highly interactive training experiences in person, via webinars or online intensive bootcamps.

This Michigan State University graduate and vocalist is a two-time New York City Marathon runner. She uses the lessons learned running to inspire others to remain focused and go the distance breaking through any and all roadblocks to victory.

“It’s clear when I was created I was given the gifts of encouragement, faith, and singing.  My assignment is to encourage and inspire people to live intentionally (in line with the gifts they were given when created) and optimally (to the best degree possible).  Just think about it…what if everyone lived in line with their their best selves, excelling at what they were designed to do best.  How exciting would that be?  That’s simply and exactly what I do!  As my sister Vanessa would say, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!” Celeste

Learn more about www.celestejonson.com

Women’s History Trivia

Who Am I-Day 11

I developed the programming language COBOL.

answer at the bottom of the post

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Thank you for nominating women who have been inspirational in your life. Below are the names that have been submitted for today: (we will include the pictures where we can)


Dr. Nadia Brown is a new contact of mine (literally just a day old) but she came in a like a lioness and has challenged me (and others in the Beyond Limits Live Movement group to reach 100 No’s in our business. I’m ready, lets do it! Anyone that can get me excited about “NO!” deserves a place of honor in Women’s History.

Women’s History Trivia Answer: Grace Murray Hopper: Check out HERstory

If you have a woman you would like to nominate, do so in the comments below and let her know!



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