Women’s History Month – Day 14

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Candice L. Davis

I’ve only known Candice L. Davis for a little under three years, but in that time, we’ve experienced a lifetime of amazing events together. We are partners in success in our business, Write Books That Sell Now, LLC., we co-host a podcast, have partnered in other business-building and money-making ventures, shared great times, sad times, happy moments and gut-wrenching realizations about life and business. Through it all, she has become as close to me as any Sistership friend could be and I look to her often as a source of inspiration and motivation. I’m so proud to know you Candice and to have you on my team.

Candice L Davis is an award-winning writer and experienced editor, Candice has worked in publishing for more than a decade. While she loves working with traditional publishers, she also embraces indie publishing as an exciting new world of limitless opportunity for artists and entrepreneurs. She believes everyone has a story worth telling.

As a Master Author Coach, Candice guides coaches, speakers, and other experts through the process to write their books so they can reach more people, change more lives, and earn more money. Candice is committed to helping everyone in the Write Books That Sell Now community write the right book.

In her work as an author, co-writer, and ghostwriter, Candice has written or co-written more than a dozen books, including Recalibrate: Navigating the Job Market with Confidence (2016), Disaster Heroes (2015), How My Divorce Saved My Marriage (2015), Write Books That Sell Now (2015), Darkly Twisted (2013), and The Busy Mom’s Cookbook (2012).

Learn more about Candice at www.GoWriteSomething.com

Women’s History Trivia

Who Am I-Day 14

I am the First Black Woman Pianist to play with a European orchestra.

answer at the bottom of the post

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Thank you for nominating women who have been inspirational in your life. Below are the names that have been submitted for today: (we will include the pictures where we can)

Ebony "EdgeFit" Green


Ebony “EdgeFit” Green because she Rocks! Here work ethic and commitment to her passion of health and fitness and to her family are commendable. Keep up the great work Ebony!

Women’s History Trivia Answer: Hazel Harrison: Check out HERstory

If you have a woman you would like to nominate, do so in the comments below and let her know!



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