Women’s History Month – Day 18

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Lynnis Woods-Mullins

When you talk about being in the trenches with someone and coming out on top because you allowed God to lead the way, the first person that comes to my mind is Lynnis Woods-Mullins. We’ve known each other since 2009 and she’s been a huge part of my business life and my main cheerleader who has helped me going through the ups and downs of running an online business. Together we’ve cried, laughed, strategized, and created successful programs that have helped many people. It’s been a really fun ride and I hope to keep it going for many years to come.

Lynnis Woods-Mullins, CHC,CPI,CLC is founder and CEO of PraiseWorks Health and Wellness. At the age of 51 Lynnis decided that after twenty-five years in the field of Human Resources as professional and Manager it was time to make a change. In 2009, Lynnis made a decision to pursue her true calling which is holistic education! “I wanted to pursue my true calling of educating women on how to achieve total wellness of the mind, body and spirit through holistic practices and fitness.” Lynnis moved forward and created PraiseWorks Health and Wellness, a company that helps women over 40 achieve total wellness for their mind, body and spirit through holistic practices, nutrition, fitness, and spiritual renewal.

Lynnis’s main mission is to educate women over 40 on the importance of achieving total wellness for the mind, body and spirit. PraiseWorks Health and Wellness targets all areas of a woman’s physical, spiritual and emotional needs through holistic coaching services, holistic products, workshops, seminars, virtual fitness classes, fitness DVD’s, radio shows, podcasts, retreats/events that promote wellness for women over 40 and publishing an e-magazine.

Lynnis’s company PraiseWorks Health and Wellness publishes a mind, body, spirit e-magazine Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond, produces the hit radio show “The Wellness Journey-LIVE!” and the new podcast series “Our Journey to Wellness Moments” Both shows in total have over 100,000 listeners in less than five years. PraiseWorks Health and Wellness has also produced a low impact Praise Dance Fitness DVD, and a new holistic stress reduction program DeStress The Mess a coaching program that features several products using various methods from virtual coaching to one-on-one coaching. PraiseWorks Health and Wellness recently released the e-book “DeStress The Mess-Minimizing The Impact of Stress on Your Body, Maximizing The Joy In Your Life” Lynnis currently completing her book “I Never Stopped Dancing, My Journey to Emotional and Spiritual Wellness”. Lynnis is also a featured columnist for the popular e-magazine Women’s Voices, is a regular contributor to the on-line wellness center Fitness Mattrz, and is a Wellness Trainer and Consultant for the Masters of Business Acumen Women’s Training Center.

Lynnis is achieving her dream of moving PraiseWorks Health and Wellness into National and International markets. She has over 150,000 followers on the internet through her combined social media. She receives invitations to speak, invitations for radio appearances and invitations as an expert writer for various magazines and newspapers around the country, and abroad. Lynnis has been featured in several publications, television, and radio programs. Lynnis has received recognition for her work in the community in the area of Health and Wellness. Lynnis was recently nominated for the 2013 National award of Community Activism for Health by WEGO for her work in the area of education of women over 40 about wellness. Lynnis has been awarded the Extraordinary Woman Award by Sac Culture Hub and is a charter member of Sacramento Women’s Chamber.

Lynnis resides in Sacramento, California and has four beautiful adult daughters and is married.

Lynnis may be contacted at 916-706-7565 or lynnis@praiseworks.biz for bookings!

Women’s History Trivia

Who Am I-Day 16

My slave name was Isabella, but after I became a free woman, I became a fiery orator supporting anti-slavery and women’s suffrage. 

answer at the bottom of the post

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Thank you for nominating women who have been inspirational in your life. Below are the names that have been submitted for today: (we will include the pictures where we can)


Kim Jones for being willing to be vulnerable and experimental at the same time as she prepares for one of the most anticipated conferences of the year, L.I.F.T.

Women’s History Trivia Answer: Sojourner Truth: Check out HERstory

If you have a woman you would like to nominate, do so in the comments below and let her know!



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