Women’s History Month – Day 8

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Anita R. Henderson

When I first met Anita Henderson, I was intrigued, the “Author’s Midwife?” That is what she’s called in the publishing world and rightly so. I’m still in awe at how she got me to finally write the book I’ve had in my head for years in only six months. Not only that, but she has this uncanny way of making you (me) believe that I can do anything, now that I’ve written that book and I do believe that she is correct.

Anita R. Henderson is owner of The Write Image, and creator of the Write Your Life™ Author Coaching Program. Her work with professionals and entrepreneurs has resulted in multiple award-winning books and has helped authors grow their media and online visibility, speaker platforms, industry credibility, and overall confidence in their ability to write a compelling, high-quality book and leverage it in their business or career.

Unlike the Johnnie- or Janie-come-lately “book coaches” who have had one lucky shot pushing their own marginal book as an Amazon bestseller, then trying to do the same for others, Anita has been at this for years. An eight-times published author, Anita has experienced book publishing success for herself, and has helped dozens of authors do the same. She has helped clients produce award-winning books recognized by national, local, and industry programs for excellence in writing and publishing.

Through her knowledge of book publishing and what it takes to produce a high-quality book, her clients learn to traverse the process of writing and publishing their books with ease, and with an eye toward leveraging their book in their career. As Anita says, “It’s bigger than the book!” Leverage is the key to success. What’s the point in writing the book if no one knows it exists? And they won’t know it exists unless you market it.

With two decades in Corporate America as a marketing communications and public relations professional, Anita knows the ins and outs of marketing brands, people, companies, and causes. She brings that insight to her work with authors to help them use book publishing as a marketing strategy that gets results.

Anita is a dynamic speaker and instructor who has presented at national, regional, and local events as a keynote speaker, workshop/seminar presenter, panelist, and panel moderator. Her insight into the process of writing, storytelling, marketing, and author publicity invigorates audiences and inspires them to make their dream of becoming a successful author a reality.

She is a great friend, colleague, and business partner. Learn more at Anita at www.writeyourlife.net

Women’s History Trivia

Who Am I-Day7

I am the daughter of the Chief of the Osage Indians and also the greatest American-born ballerina.

answer at the bottom of the post

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Thank you for nominating women who have been inspirational in your life. Below are the names that have been submitted for today: (we will include the pictures where we can)


Bridgette Lewis because she slays EVERYDAY. After taking care of her mom until her recent passing, Bridgette has begun to put herself back on the front burner by prepping her new book for release and helping other women in her coaching program. Not that she wasn’t doing anything before, she already has an award-winning radio show CoffeeTalk JAZZ Radio. She is a woman on fire and she is JUST getting started.

Women’s History Trivia Answer: Maria Tallchief: Check out HERstory

If you have a woman you would like to nominate, do so in the comments below and let her know!



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