Women’s History Month – Day 9

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Kris Cavanaugh-Castro

Imagine the shock of meeting someone in person for the first time, only to realize that you’ve known them for a long time before the meeting. Kris Cavanaugh-Castro and I met, virtually, over 10 years ago. We’ve followed each other’s business and personal lives all while sitting behind our computer screen. There were ups and downs, joy and sadness, but it was all a part of this thing called life and we shared it all, in posts, articles, blogs and even a couple phone conversations. Then one fateful networking morning we met, by surprise. It was totally awesome. And we shared that precious moment in front of a room full of people, most of whom we had both just met. We’re still virtual friends, but now we can also share company in the real world.

Kris (Cavanaugh) Castro is the founder of Shift Inc.

As a Speaker, Author and Coach, her background includes over 20 years of experience training, mentoring, and coaching individuals and teams.  She is a certified ICF coach and expert strategist with an amazing ability to pull her clients through difficult challenges to achieve their personal or professional goals and dreams more easily and consistently.  Kris specializes in helping people boldly take back control of every area their life to produce more consistent results and increase their effectiveness – resulting in a greater sense of freedom, joy, and fulfillment personally and professionally.

Kris fully believes that the key to a successful life begins with a person’s ability to manage their entire life in the same way a C.E.O. manages a company:  When C.E.O.s are hired they must completely embody their role as C.E.O. and carry out their responsibilities effectively in order be considered successful.  Therefore, if everyone took on the attitude, role, and responsibilities of a C.E.O. in every area of their life, can you imagine how much success each person could experience in a lifetime?

Kris’ clients experience a higher quality of life by the end of her coaching programs, allowing them to gain a deeper sense of well-being and satisfaction.

Kris looks forward to developing relationships with all her clients, and truly loves watching their lives transform dramatically during the coaching process.  There is nothing better to Kris than knowing every day she has a chance to make a difference in the world around her – one life at a time!

Learn more about Kris www.shiftbosscoach.com

Women’s History Trivia

Who Am I-Day9

I am the First woman promoted to Brigadier General in the US Air Force.

answer at the bottom of the post

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Thank you for nominating women who have been inspirational in your life. Below are the names that have been submitted for today: (we will include the pictures where we can)


Emma Foster Spurgeon, my awesome sister and mother of my favorite nephew (he’s the only one) Joshua. She is a great mom and loving sister, a dedicated daughter and lives life on her own terms.
Paulette Griffin, my best friend from “back in da day,” we grew up 2 doors down from each other and when we got together, man you had better watch out because there would be trouble. Now she is off starting her ministry empire, and caring for those sweet grandbabies of hers.

Women’s History Trivia Answer: Major General Jeanne M. Holm: Check out HERstory

If you have a woman you would like to nominate, do so in the comments below and let her know!



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