10 best wordpress marketing plugins

10 BEST WordPress Plugins to Market Your Website

Using these 10 powerful wordpress marketing plugins to promote your website is the key to getting tons of traffic you can convert to clients and customers.

10 best wordpress marketing plugins
Welcome to Part 2 of the website promotion strategies 4-part series. Previously, I covered how to find and use the right keywords to seek out, attract, and convert the right audience. You can read Part 1 here. Today, we’re diving deep into the heart of what turns your wordpress website into your 24/7 365 marketing director. That happens when you use the right plugins. Using these 10 powerful wordpress marketing plugins to promote your website is the key to getting tons of traffic you can convert to clients and customers.
What is a Plugin?
The names sounds funny, but plugins are actually powerful pieces of software that you install onto your website.
#TruthBomb: I am a wordpress website developer. The plugins showcased in this article work exclusively for WordPress websites. Some plugin developers create different versions of their plugins for other platforms. But, we will only be talking about WordPress exclusively. I just wanted you to know that before we proceed.
Anywhoo, these plugins or software empower your website to do amazing things and you don’t have to know a lick of code to use them.
Why Use Plugins?
The core WordPress program is extremely powerful and can do many functionalities without installing separate plugins. However, the real power comes from using the plugins. For example, you can turn your website into an ecommerce store using WooCommerce or add calendar functionality with the Time.ly calendar plugin. These are just a couple examples.
Let’s get to the 10 Best WordPress plugins you can use to market your website successfully. These are in no particular order because they are all necessary and beneficial to your bottom line. Click the name of each plugin to get more information.

  1. Amazon AI

How would you like to get your blog or podcast in front of 50 million potential listeners/readers? That’s the power of Amazon AI. This plugin allows you to take your written blog and convert it into audio and then post it on Amazon Alexa Skills so that any Alexa-enabled device can read it to the listener upon request. Isn’t that awesome? When I first read about it earlier this year, I was totally blown away with the potential. I set up the UN-Market Your Business Blog to take full advantage of this service. When I reach 10 blogs on that site, I’m going to publish a podcast as well. The super best part is that its all done automagically once you set up and install the plugin.


  1. Yoast SEO

SEO hurts the head of so many website owners, but it doesn’t have to when you use Yoast SEO. During the install process, Yoast moves you through the setup features you’ll need to put in place in order for your website to be found. Then, once it’s installed and you’ve written your page content or individual blog post, you simply click the tags and follow instructions. The plugin uses a Red light | Green light | Amber light process to let you know when you have the mix of keywords, phrases and regular words. You could spend quite a while tweaking, but for now, pay attention to these three sections.

  • Focus Key phrase: This is located under the SEO tab. The focus keyword – or keyphrase – is the search term that you want your page to rank for most. So when people search for that phrase, they should find you. Yoast SEO it has its own input field for this. The plugin evaluates the page’s content and provides feedback on how to improve the content for that focus keyphrase.
  • Edit Snippet: This is what people see in the search engine window, the heading or title, description, and the excerpt. What helped me so much is changing out the heading or title to my focus keyword. This means that when someone searches for that particular keyword come up and tells them valuable information about your post so they want to click.
  • Social: This is where you input the information you want to share when you or someone else shares your post on social media. You set up everything so that its pre-populated with the title, image, and description, which makes it super easy for people to share.

By setting up these sections, you set your website up to be found by the audience who wants to buy from you.

  1. Click To Tweet

Sometimes getting people to share your blog posts and page content is so easy it’s criminal. Click To Tweet lets you select text on your page that you want readers to Tweet out. The text is highlighted in a big blue rectangle box which say “Click To Tweet.” How easy is that? For an article of 500+ words, use a max of 3 Click To Tweets. For less than 500 words, one Click To Tweet is enough.
[Tweet “Sometimes getting people to share your blog posts and page content is so easy it’s criminal.”]

  1. Active Campaign

Active Campaign is the maillist provider and CRM software that I’ve used for the last 5 years. I love that its easy to use and straight forward analytics reports that show not just tell me when my audience opens my emails, if they’re actually engaged subscription, and even when they click a link to my website. This type of information is crucial when you’re relying on your email service provider to be a major part of your sales team. They also have a plugin to integrate their service into your website so you can easily create and showcase your optin forms for lead conversion. Simply create, install, and watch the subscribers come in.


  1. Wishlist Member

In my previous life, I was a personal trainer. I was successful as a trainer because I quickly learned that in order to achieve the lifestyle and success that I wanted, I had to adapt a one-to-many mentality. Training one personal, one hour at a time just wasn’t going to cut it, and would lead to burn out before success could be realized. So I created a membership weight loss program. Clients would sign up for a monthly fee and receive a weekly consult, 3 workouts per week, along with nutritional guidance. Then I created a 6-week program with another collaboration partner so that people could purchase and go through the program online. This program and many others were all created using Wishlist Member. It turns your WordPress website into a membership platform.
Today, I use the same Wishlist Member plugin to manage my UN-Marketing Inner Circle and my Take Action Marketing Coaching programs. If you’re interested in learning more about either of these programs, let’s chat.

  1. WP-Affiliate

The one way to guarantee success when marketing your product, program, or service is to have an army of people promoting it. The best part about acquiring this army is that you don’t have to pay them one penny until they sell. Once they sell, they are entitled to a commission or percentage of the cost of what they sold. To make it even simpler and easy to setup and manage who gets paid what when and for what, use WP-Affiliate. I’ve used this plugin for over 6 years, it has been an invaluable resource in managing my army of affiliates when I launch a product, program, or service.

  1. Elementor

My best plugin find of 2018 was Elementor. It’s been out for a while, but you know how it is with stuff you don’t know how much you need a thing, until you find a thing that solves your problem. For me, Elementor is that thing. I never liked using some of the other landing page creation software because they were limiting (to me as a designer) and they didn’t really “live” on my website. But once I found Elementor, I felt the heaven’s had opened up for me. Yup, it’s that good. They have tons of templates that showcase brilliant ideas for layouts. They produce weekly tutorials to show you how to use the software, and they have the best drag-and-drop functionality ever. The paid version gives you even more functionality, but the free version works fine, until you need more. The best part is they are easy to use and easy to change.

  1. Icegram

What I love about Icegram is the variety of poppus, forms, slide-ins, top bars, and so on that they provide for you to use to promote your optins, specials, free pics, downloads, and upgrades. They provide you many different choices and ideas along with ways to use them.

  1. Facebook Quote Plugin

Another plugin that promotes sharing is the Facebook Quote plugin. I like that its simple and easy for the reader to choose the text they want to share and then do it. All they need to do is highlight the text and then share to Facebook. So even if they weren’t thinking about sharing and highlighting because they wanted to paste something somewhere so they can keep track of this nugget, then they realize, “Hey, I can share this on Facebook!”
[Tweet “All they need to do is highlight the text and then share to Facebook.”]

  1. Google Analytics Dashboard

This is a “can’t do without” plugin. It’s from Google, the Grand Dame of search engines, so now you’re bringing their knowledge and power directly into your website. This plugin makes it easy to see what content is being viewed, how many people are visiting your website, along with plenty of stats that empower you to make informed decisions about your content and your marketing strategies.
There you have it, the 10 Best WordPress Plugins for marketing your website. You could cheat a little and only use a few, but why? Don’t you want the full power of an army of powerful plugins as part of your marketing toolkit? I thought you would. If cost is a concern, start with the free plugins and the ones that offer free and premium and then work up to the paid versions.
Let’s get your WordPress website in front of the people who will buy from you. If you are having issues getting the plugins installed or all the pieces to work, reach out to me and let’s get that fixed!
10 Best WordPress Marketing Plugins

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